Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Eagans in County Cork, Ireland

My great-grandfather Patrick M. Eagan's death was noted in the Rochester, NY Democrat & Chronicle. The obituary noted that he was born in Cork, Ireland in 1828 and came to Albion, NY about 1840. Unfortunately, this does not specify where in County Cork he was born - in Cork City or somewhere in the county.

There are Irish census records available for only 1901 and 1911, about sixty years after he left Ireland. The closest we have as a census for an earlier period is Griffith's Valuation, a survey of Ireland for tax purposes. This survey taken for County Cork was done between 1851 and 1853 about ten years after Patrick left. I have looked at Griffith's Valuation in Cork for Eagans by that spelling and find only two, a Thomas Eagan and Michael Eagan. (In addition, there are about one hundred and ninety with the name spelled 'Egan.')  Is it possible that either Thomas or Michael are relatives of my great-grandfather?

Thomas Eagan occupied land in the Town of Youghal in the Parish of Youghal and had a house and small garden on South Cross Lane (just off Friar Street). The house and land was leased from the representatives of Joshua H. Bull who may be a member of the Bull family in Knockrea, Cork.

Michael Eagan occupied land in the Village of Clashavodig in the Parish of Little Island and on that land he had a house and garden. The land was leased from John Cantillon.

I wish this helped me but right now it is just a set of facts to be filed.

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