Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marriage Records - Eagan, Clarke and Donnelly

 Here are the State of Ohio Marriage Records for both my grandfather, Stephen Eagan, and great-grandfather, William Clarke. Both marriages took place in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio. This first is the marriage of my grandparents, Stephen Eagan and Elizabeth Clarke, which took place on February 16, 1885 at St. Xavier's Church.

Marriage of Stephen Eagan and Elizabeth Clarke

This next is the marriage of my great-grandparents, William Clarke and Anna Donnelly, which took place on January 27, 1861 in Cincinnati although the particular church there is included in the record.  

Marriage of William Clarke and Anna Donnelly

Friday, November 16, 2012

Marriage of Edward O'Brien and Mary (Mae) Eagan

This is the marriage record for my Uncle and Aunt, Edward J. O'Brien and Mary (Mae) Eagan in 1918. I guess I never knew that my Uncle Eddy's mother came from Germany.

Marriage of Edward O'Brien and Mary (Mae) Eagan

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Two Hanley Marriages

Two additional marriages from New York, County Marriages, 1908-1935 at Family Search.  The first is the marriage of Margaret Hanley (my grandmother's sister) and Roger McMahon in 1920. 

The second is the marriage of Michael J. Hanley (my grandmother's brother) and Elizabeth O'Connor in 1909. Just as an aside, Elizabeth's brother, Michael, married another Hanley sibling, Catherine.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Marriage of Anne Eagan and Elmer Hamiliton

Here is another NY marriage record from New York, County Marriages, 1908-1935 at Family Search . This one is for my Aunt Anne - always called Aunt Nanna. Quite a while ago when I was in Rochester I went through the Catholic Diocese of Rochester records on microfilm at Nazareth College but did not come across a record for Aunt Nanna. I didn't find it there because her marriage to Elmer Hamiliton  took place at St. Luke's Episcopal Church by the Rev. R. R. Converse, the rector at St. Luke's at that time. St. Luke's was one of the earlier churches and in 1914 it was located at 132 S. Fitzhugh Street but today it has been replaced by St. Luke and St. Simon Cyrene at 17 S. Fitzhugh St.