Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stephen Eagan in Springfield, MA

This morning I looked at the Springfield, MA City Directories to see where the Stephen Eagan (my grandfather) family lived in Springfield from about 1904 to 1906. Prior to 1904 the Eagans lived in New Haven, CT. In the entries for 1904 and 1905 Stephen Eagan was listed as a blacksmith and lived at 134 Walnut. Today this location is (or next to) a Kentucky Fried Chicken place. The 1906 entry notes that he "rem[oved] to Rochester, N Y" and we know that the 1906 Rochester City Directory lists Stephen back in Rochester working at Camera Works. In Springfield he probably worked as a carriage blacksmith but I don't know what carriage or automobile company he worked at.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My Uncle - Rev. Joseph T. Maloney

While searching the online versions of the Rochester Catholic Courier I came across 28 references to the Rev. Joseph T, Maloney, my mother's brother. Most were items concerning weddings and funerals he officiated at. However, I have saved four that I thought significant.  The first is from the Courier's issue of May 25, 1956 entitled, "Seven Priests To Mark Silver Jubilees."

The next is his obituary from the March 18, 1965 issue of the Courier. My Uncle Joe was only fifty-eight when he died. He led a very active live with swimming, handball, etc., the very picture of health. Ironically he died of a heart attack in the locker room at the CYO in downtown Rochester.

The next from March 25, 1965 is a eulogy delivered at my uncle's funeral by a friend of his, Rev. Gerald Krieg.

The final item from the Courier's issue of June 13, 1979 about the Reverend Joseph T. Maloney Memorial Award, awarded by the Rochester CYO for outstanding service to youth. I have also found an item in 1980 but do not know how long the award continued.