Monday, December 31, 2012

My Aunt Helen Maloney

Following are three articles from the Rochester, NY Catholic Courier, the newspaper for the Diocese of  Rochester concerning my aunt, Sister Helen Joseph Maloney, S.S.J. The first from the Courier of July 30, 1964 when she received a degree from Nazareth College.

The second is an article from the May 8, 1985 issue dealing with the "Changing Church." This includes a picture of my aunt.

The third is her obituary from June 1990. I didn't realize that she had taught at so many different schools. She taught at my elementary school, St. Monica's, but this was after I had finished there.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Frederick George Maloney - Obit 1940

This is the obituary for my grandfather, Frederick Maloney, from the Rochester, NY Catholic Courier of  March 28, 1940.  He died on March 26 of that year and is buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. The obit lists a number of priests that attended the funeral mass including Msgr. Hart, the Vicar-General of the Diocese of Rochester; Father J. H. O'Loane, principal of Aquinas while I attended there; and Rev. Gerald Lambert, later a Monsignor and pastor at St. Monica's Church - the Eagan family parish church.

Obit for Fred G. Maloney

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Catherine Hanley Evicted!

Since old copies of the Rochester, NY Catholic Courier has been online I have downloaded numerous obituaries and similar articles that I will post here when I get home. However I couldn't wait to post this one. It is a short item from the Catholic Journal (predecessor to the Catholic Courier) of November 22, 1890 under the title, "Irish News." It probably speaks of my great-great-grandmother, Catherine Hanley.

I'm not absolutely sure what the Glensharrold "estate" refers to although I suspect it refers to the estate of the Yielding family in Co. Limerick. The Yieldings are listed as the landlords for that area in Griffiths Valuation done in the 1850s. I know that the Hanleys still lived in Glensharrold in 1901 as they are shown there in the Census of Ireland for that year.   


Monday, December 24, 2012

Obit for Mary Agnes Hanley Maloney

This is the obituary for my step-grandmother - the only grandmother I really knew - Mary Hanley Maloney who died in 1948. She was my grandmother's sister and was my grandfather's third wife. At the time of her death she was living with my Uncle Joe in Kings Ferry, NY.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Deeds for Property Purchased by Patrick M. Eagan

In the New York Land Records mentioned in a previous post, I have found actual deeds for two pieces of property purchased by my great-grandfather, Patrick M. Eagan, in 1871 and 1872. Both pieces of property were in Rochester's 3rd Ward in the Atkinson Street area.

The first piece of property was purchased in 1871 from the estate of John D. Lyons and the property described as lots 141 and 142 of the Gurber Tract was at the northeast corner of Adams and Prospect Streets.  Note in the deed that Patrick purchased the two lots for $2,700.
Deed for lots purchased in 1871

The other property was purchased in 1872 from Elizabeth Thomas and the property was I believe located at the northeast corner of Atkinson and Prospect Streets. This property was purchased for $4,700.
Deed for lots purchased in 1872
UPDATE: The description for the second piece of property is incorrect. From the deed we see that it is Lots 44 and 45 in the Babbitt Tract. From the Rochester Plat Book we find that these two lots are numbers 108 and 110 Atkinson Street, residences of the Eagans.

Deeds for Austin and Mary Eagan

Recently the Family Search genealogy web site provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, added  New York Land Records from 1630 to 1975.  The records for Monroe County consists of Deeds and Deed Indexes. There are two records among the indexes for the two houses in Rochester for Austin and Mary Eagan.

The first is for their house on Flint Street which was purchased in 1942. Prior to that they (along with me and two of my sisters) were living for a short period with my grandparents on Greig Street.  The house of Flint Street was located at #484 and was Lot 2 in the John Erion Subdivision shown on the Plat Book for Rochester - Volume 2 Plate 23. This subdivision is very small consisting of only four lots - two on Flint Street (the Eagans at 484 and the Dipples at 488) and two lots on Hawley Street. This is the Deed Index for the Flint Street house.
Deed Index 1942 for 484 Flint St., Rochester, NY

The other Deed Index was for the house on Trafalgar Street, purchased in 1950.  This property was located at #15 Trafalgar and was Lot 127 of the Hiram Sibley Estate Subdivision shown on the Plat Book for Rochester - Volume 2 Plate 24. Here is the Deed Index for the Trafalgar Street house.
Deed Index 1950 for 15 Trafalgar St., Rochester, NY