Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Spring Cruises

We are doing early preparations for our Spring cruises that will start on April 6. The first starts at Port Everglades and end on April 29 in Civitavecchia - the port city for Rome. This is actually two cruises that are sold as a single one on Holland American's m/s Eurodam. It is a 16 day transatlantic cruise followed by a 7 day Mediterranean cruise. This is a picture of the itinerary:

Notice that one of the ports that we are scheduled to stop is LaGoulette, the port city for Tunis, Tunisia. I would like to stop there as we have never been there but I suspect that this port will be scrapped due to recent uprisings there.

Following that cruise - that ends in Rome - we will fly to Milan and stay there for three or four days and then go on the Nice and spend a few days there. We are looking forward to spending time in Milan as the only places we have been to in Milan is the airport and train station on our way from Amsterdam to Florence a couple of years ago. The last time we were in Nice was probably 1984.

Following our stay in Milan and Nice we will start our next cruise from Monte Carlo on May 5. This is an 11 day Mediterranean cruise aboard Azamara Cruise's Quest and will end on May 16 in Barcelona, Spain. We are looking forward to this cruise as it is our first time on an Azamara ship and it is a step above most of the ships that we cruise on. The Quest holds only about 600 passengers and we like small ships. Here is the picture for this cruise.

We are going to try something new this cruise. We purchased a 'no-contract' international cell phone so we can be contacted by the folks at Nancy's father's assisted living place in Michigan. It has a UK number and cannot be used in the USA but only in Europe. It turns out we will also be able to use it next January when we take our South America/Antarctica cruise.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Maloney Deeds

Here are two deeds for property purchased in Rochester, NY by my grandfather, Fred Maloney, and my great-grandfather, Francis Maloney. These documents are from New York Land Records, 1630-1975 at the Family Search web site. The first is an index for the deed to the property my grandparents had on Greig Street that they purchased in 1905. Unfortunately the deed itself has yet to be scanned.
Deed Index for Maloney Property on Greig Street
The second deed - both the Index and Deed itself - is for a piece of property on Frank Street that Francis Maloney purchased in 1866. The first is the Index and the second is the Deed itself.
Index for Deed for Frank St. Property

Deed for Frank Street Property