Monday, July 07, 2014

Patrick Eagan and Family in the 1855 NY State Census

Here is my great-grandfather, Patrick Eagan, in the 1855 NY State Census living in the Town of Barre which is just south of Albion in Orleans County. My great-grandfather is listed as "Patrick Agan" and the family also consisted of my great-grandmother, Mary, and their two children at that time, Catherine and James. Both of the children were born in Orleans and both of my great-grandparents were born in Ireland.

The census record shows a couple of interesting items:
(1) The record states that Patrick was 25 years old and Mary was 27 years old. Other records show that Patrick was born in 1828 and Mary was born in 1829.
(2) Patrick had been in Orleans for 6 years and Mary had been in the county for 7 years. Therefore they were probably married in Orleans county.
(3) Patrick was a naturalized citizen but Mary was still an alien.