Monday, December 31, 2012

My Aunt Helen Maloney

Following are three articles from the Rochester, NY Catholic Courier, the newspaper for the Diocese of  Rochester concerning my aunt, Sister Helen Joseph Maloney, S.S.J. The first from the Courier of July 30, 1964 when she received a degree from Nazareth College.

The second is an article from the May 8, 1985 issue dealing with the "Changing Church." This includes a picture of my aunt.

The third is her obituary from June 1990. I didn't realize that she had taught at so many different schools. She taught at my elementary school, St. Monica's, but this was after I had finished there.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Frederick George Maloney - Obit 1940

This is the obituary for my grandfather, Frederick Maloney, from the Rochester, NY Catholic Courier of  March 28, 1940.  He died on March 26 of that year and is buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. The obit lists a number of priests that attended the funeral mass including Msgr. Hart, the Vicar-General of the Diocese of Rochester; Father J. H. O'Loane, principal of Aquinas while I attended there; and Rev. Gerald Lambert, later a Monsignor and pastor at St. Monica's Church - the Eagan family parish church.

Obit for Fred G. Maloney

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Catherine Hanley Evicted!

Since old copies of the Rochester, NY Catholic Courier has been online I have downloaded numerous obituaries and similar articles that I will post here when I get home. However I couldn't wait to post this one. It is a short item from the Catholic Journal (predecessor to the Catholic Courier) of November 22, 1890 under the title, "Irish News." It probably speaks of my great-great-grandmother, Catherine Hanley.

I'm not absolutely sure what the Glensharrold "estate" refers to although I suspect it refers to the estate of the Yielding family in Co. Limerick. The Yieldings are listed as the landlords for that area in Griffiths Valuation done in the 1850s. I know that the Hanleys still lived in Glensharrold in 1901 as they are shown there in the Census of Ireland for that year.   


Monday, December 24, 2012

Obit for Mary Agnes Hanley Maloney

This is the obituary for my step-grandmother - the only grandmother I really knew - Mary Hanley Maloney who died in 1948. She was my grandmother's sister and was my grandfather's third wife. At the time of her death she was living with my Uncle Joe in Kings Ferry, NY.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Deeds for Property Purchased by Patrick M. Eagan

In the New York Land Records mentioned in a previous post, I have found actual deeds for two pieces of property purchased by my great-grandfather, Patrick M. Eagan, in 1871 and 1872. Both pieces of property were in Rochester's 3rd Ward in the Atkinson Street area.

The first piece of property was purchased in 1871 from the estate of John D. Lyons and the property described as lots 141 and 142 of the Gurber Tract was at the northeast corner of Adams and Prospect Streets.  Note in the deed that Patrick purchased the two lots for $2,700.
Deed for lots purchased in 1871

The other property was purchased in 1872 from Elizabeth Thomas and the property was I believe located at the northeast corner of Atkinson and Prospect Streets. This property was purchased for $4,700.
Deed for lots purchased in 1872
UPDATE: The description for the second piece of property is incorrect. From the deed we see that it is Lots 44 and 45 in the Babbitt Tract. From the Rochester Plat Book we find that these two lots are numbers 108 and 110 Atkinson Street, residences of the Eagans.

Deeds for Austin and Mary Eagan

Recently the Family Search genealogy web site provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, added  New York Land Records from 1630 to 1975.  The records for Monroe County consists of Deeds and Deed Indexes. There are two records among the indexes for the two houses in Rochester for Austin and Mary Eagan.

The first is for their house on Flint Street which was purchased in 1942. Prior to that they (along with me and two of my sisters) were living for a short period with my grandparents on Greig Street.  The house of Flint Street was located at #484 and was Lot 2 in the John Erion Subdivision shown on the Plat Book for Rochester - Volume 2 Plate 23. This subdivision is very small consisting of only four lots - two on Flint Street (the Eagans at 484 and the Dipples at 488) and two lots on Hawley Street. This is the Deed Index for the Flint Street house.
Deed Index 1942 for 484 Flint St., Rochester, NY

The other Deed Index was for the house on Trafalgar Street, purchased in 1950.  This property was located at #15 Trafalgar and was Lot 127 of the Hiram Sibley Estate Subdivision shown on the Plat Book for Rochester - Volume 2 Plate 24. Here is the Deed Index for the Trafalgar Street house.
Deed Index 1950 for 15 Trafalgar St., Rochester, NY

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marriage Records - Eagan, Clarke and Donnelly

 Here are the State of Ohio Marriage Records for both my grandfather, Stephen Eagan, and great-grandfather, William Clarke. Both marriages took place in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio. This first is the marriage of my grandparents, Stephen Eagan and Elizabeth Clarke, which took place on February 16, 1885 at St. Xavier's Church.

Marriage of Stephen Eagan and Elizabeth Clarke

This next is the marriage of my great-grandparents, William Clarke and Anna Donnelly, which took place on January 27, 1861 in Cincinnati although the particular church there is included in the record.  

Marriage of William Clarke and Anna Donnelly

Friday, November 16, 2012

Marriage of Edward O'Brien and Mary (Mae) Eagan

This is the marriage record for my Uncle and Aunt, Edward J. O'Brien and Mary (Mae) Eagan in 1918. I guess I never knew that my Uncle Eddy's mother came from Germany.

Marriage of Edward O'Brien and Mary (Mae) Eagan

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Two Hanley Marriages

Two additional marriages from New York, County Marriages, 1908-1935 at Family Search.  The first is the marriage of Margaret Hanley (my grandmother's sister) and Roger McMahon in 1920. 

The second is the marriage of Michael J. Hanley (my grandmother's brother) and Elizabeth O'Connor in 1909. Just as an aside, Elizabeth's brother, Michael, married another Hanley sibling, Catherine.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Marriage of Anne Eagan and Elmer Hamiliton

Here is another NY marriage record from New York, County Marriages, 1908-1935 at Family Search . This one is for my Aunt Anne - always called Aunt Nanna. Quite a while ago when I was in Rochester I went through the Catholic Diocese of Rochester records on microfilm at Nazareth College but did not come across a record for Aunt Nanna. I didn't find it there because her marriage to Elmer Hamiliton  took place at St. Luke's Episcopal Church by the Rev. R. R. Converse, the rector at St. Luke's at that time. St. Luke's was one of the earlier churches and in 1914 it was located at 132 S. Fitzhugh Street but today it has been replaced by St. Luke and St. Simon Cyrene at 17 S. Fitzhugh St.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marriage of Fred Maloney to Mary Hanley

Here is the New York State record for the marriage for my grandfather, Fred Maloney, and Mary Hanley in 1916 in Watkins Glen, NY. At that time Mary Hanley was a nurse at one of the sanitariums in Watkins Glen. It is interesting that the record states that this is Fred's second marriage - actually it is his third. Marrying his former wife's sister would require something from the Catholic Church and I am not aware of any.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Father's Middle Name

My father always went by the name of Austin Edward Eagan but he mentioned on a number of occasions that his middle name at birth was really 'Flint.'  The 'Flint' came from the doctor who delivered him but he said that he didn't like it so he took his confirmation name of 'Edward' as his middle name. I have a copy of my father's birth certificate and the doctor on this record is Dr. F. N. Sperry and not a Dr. Flint. I just imagined that it was a tall tale.

This morning doing something else I happened to look at the census record for 1910 and I noticed that my father's name is listed as 'Austin F. Eagan.'  Maybe he was right and maybe the doctor's first name was 'Flint.' Here is the census record.

Maybe after while I may find out that my Aunt Nana really did marry a Pete Nitney at one time!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Great-grandfather, William Clarke

My great-grandfather, William Clarke, came from Ireland with his mother and sister about sometime in the 1850s and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He is first listed as a stone cutter in the Cincinnati City Directory for 1860. To date I have been unable to determine when he died and where he is buried. He is last listed in the City Directory about 1885 although it is sometimes difficult to determine if the entry is for my great-grandfather or his son. The last census where he appears in that for 1880. Finally, he is not listed in the records for the St. Joseph Cemetery in Cincinnati where his wife, my great-grandmother Anna Donnelly Clarke is buried.

Yesterday I believe that I have found him in the Hamilton County Ohio Will index at the University of Cincinnati web site. The entry notes:
Surname Clarke
Given Name William
Date Filed 12/21/1886
Residence Cincinnati, OH
Box 63
Case No 31726
Executor No Information
Beneficiaries Margaret Clarke, William Clarke, Julia Clarke, Elizabeth Clarke, Mary Clarke 
I have sent for a copy of the will and associated papers from the UofC and will wait to see if in fact this is my great-grandfather. In the meantime in the Ohio Probate Records for 1789-1996 at the Family Search site. I find the following for William Clarke.
It doesn't say much other than, "Authenticated copy of the will admitted to record." We will see what else is there when the will is received.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hanly in Griffith's Valuation of Glensharrold, Ireland

In 1825 Richard Griffith was appointed by the British Government to carry out a survey of the general valuation of Ireland. He carried out two major valuation surveys: a townland valuation and a tenement survey which valued individual property. It is this second survey which is most concerned to genealogists because of the lack of census records before 1901. Griffith's Valuation is the closest we have to a census.

Below is the Valuation for the Townland of Glensharrold in Co. Limerick, completed in 1853. This was the townland that my Hanley ancestors lived in. Of the two columns of names in the record, the first is the list of "Occupiers" of pieces of property and the second is the "Immediate Lessors," i.e., the landlords. The record is somewhat difficult to read but looking at the second "Occupier" of land held by landlord, Thomas Carrol, you will see Mary Hanly. Although I have no proof, I suspect that this Mary Hanly is probably my 2nd great-grandmother - the mother of Thomas Hanley, my great-grandfather.

Griffith's Valuation for Glensharrold, Co. Limerick

Friday, October 05, 2012

Mary (Tierney) Eagan in the 1915 NY State Census

Here is the 1915 NY State Census record for my great-grandmother, Mary Tierney Eagan, and my grand-aunt, Sarah Eagan. (Line 31 on the second page.) They are living at the Eagan home at 108 Atkinson Street. There is also a border living there a George L. Carlton, a 42 year old cigar salesman.  There is also an additional individual, George F. Eagan, a 40 year old butcher. I don't have a clue as to who he really is. He is listed as a "brother" of the head of household, i.e., a brother of my great-grandmother. If he is her brother shouldn't be named "George F. Tierney?" Also he is 46 years younger than my great-grandmother - not impossible but not very likely. I am pretty sure he is not a "brother" of any of the Eagan siblings. It is almost impossible to determine which individual provided the information to the census taker.

Just one other piece of information in the record.  My great-grandmother's entry notes that she had been in the United States for 60 years. That is obviously an approximation as we know that she had been in the United States for at least for 62 years as her oldest daughter, Catherine, was born in 1853 in Medina, NY.

Mary Tierney Eagan in the 1915 NY State Census

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Patrick M. Eagan - Probate Record

Below is the probate record for Patrick M. Eagan's Will. Note that he died June 1, 1903 and the petition for probate was filed on June 11 and the executor was Patrick's son-in-law, John C. King, husband of Catherine Eagan King. There are notes of actions and objections up until 1918 but most are difficult to read. As noted in the previous post, conflicts in what to do with Patrick's property went on until 1920. One item that is readable is the amount of his taxable estate was $29,795.54. I'm not sure how that would relate to today's dollars.
Probate Record for Patrick M. Eagan

Monday, September 24, 2012

Patrick M. Eagan's Will - An Extended Journey

A couple of years back I posted an opinion of the NY State Supreme Court, Appellate Division having to do with my great-grandfather's will. In that instance my Grand-aunt Sarah Eagan, and others, had challenged my great-grandfather's will in that some stock had not been included in his estate. The court affirmed the Monroe County Probate Court that had ruled that my great-grandfather had donated the stock to his daughter, Catherine, before his death so it was not a part of his estate. As an aside, Catherine's husband, John King, was the executor of my great-grandfather's will.

I have found a number of items in the Rochester Daily Record over the period from 1903 (when my great-grandfather had died) until about 1920. One was an action brought be my great-grandmother, Mary, to replace John King as executor. I don't know whether he was,

In 1920 there was an action brought by James W. Eagan (son of Stephen Eagan, my grandfather) and Anne Eagan Hamilton [daughter of Stephen and my Aunt Nana] to sell property that my great-grandfather had in the 3rd Ward in the Prospect and Atkinson St. area.  The defendants in this action were Mary Eagan O'Brien [daughter of Stephen and my Aunt Mae], Austin Eagan [my father], and Elizabeth Eagan [Stephen's wife and my grandmother]. The notice in the Rochester Daily Record of March 18, 1920.

The following is from Plat Book of the City of Rochester and shows the two pieces of property that I believe were to be sold. They are noted as three black dots below the two properties. The Plot Book is dated 1935 and I know that Sarah Eagan got one of the properties, That one at the corner of Atkinson and Prospect Streets. In 1935 it was the Venice Hall restaurant. The other at the corner of Prospect aand Adams Sts. which is I believe Patrick Eagan had his grocery store.

Here is essentially the same area in a current Google Map.


1925 NY State Census - Eagans and Maloneys

Here is the 1925 NY State Census showing my father, Austin Eagan, living at 191 Raeburn Ave. with my Uncle Eddie and Aunt Mae, the O'Briens. Also there are my cousins, Eileen and Jack,
1925 NY State Census - Eagan and O'Brien

And here is the 1925 NY State Census for the Maloney family living at 54 Greig Street.
1925 NY State Census - Maloney

Monday, September 10, 2012

Obituary for Patrick M. Eagan

In searching the Fulton NY Post Card site (which has old newspapers in addition to old post cards) I came across the obituary in the June 2, 1903 Rochester, NY Democrat & Chronicle for my great-grandfather, Patrick M. Eagan. Here is the obit:

Obituary for Patrick M. Eagan

A couple of things noted in the obituary are new to me. 
  • It notes that he was born in  Cork, Ireland. Whether this means Co. Cork or Cork City remains to be seen. Up to this point I had no idea where in Ireland my great-grandfather came from. When I was young I asked my father where his family came from and he told me that he thought it was Co. Kerry but he was not sure.
  • It also notes that he left Ireland at the age 12 meaning he came here about 1840. I wonder if he came by himself or with other members of his family?
  • It notes that before he came to Rochester he was in Albion, NY. Albion is in Orleans County as is Medina, the baptismal site for Patrick and Mary Eagan's first child, Catherine Jane Eagan.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Obituary for Ellen Kearney Maloney

This is the obituary for my 2nd great-grandmother, Ellen Kearney Maloney, printed in the Rochester, NY Democrat & Chronicle of Tuesday, July 4, 1899.

Mrs. Ellen Maloney died yesterday morning at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. J. [Margaret Mary] Mahon, on the Charlotte boulevard, aged 75 years. The deceased had been a resident of the city for the past forty years, and had a wide circle of friends. She is survived bt three sons and one daughter: M. J. [Michael], T. O'K. [Thomas O'Kearney] and Mrs J. J. [Margaret Mary] Mahon.

Ellen Maloney is buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in a plot with these two sons and a number of her Gallery relatives. (Her mother was a Gallery.)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Obituary for Elizabeth Clarke Eagan

This is the obituary of my paternal grandmother, Eizabeth Clarke Eagan, from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle of Wednesday, March 10, 1937.

Because it is a bit difficult to read, this is what it says:

EAGAN - Entered into rest on Tuesday, Mar. 9, 1937, Mrs. Elizabeth Eagan, wwidow of the late Steven Eagan.  She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Edward J. O'Brien, Rochester; Mrs. Ann Murphy of Chicago, Ill.; one son, Austin Eagan; three sisters, Mrs. George Stoffel, Cincinnati, O., Mrs. Anton Baler of Dayton, O., Mrs. Ann Denny of Chicago, Ill.; two grandchildren.
- Funeral from the home, 2360 Clinton Ave. North, Friday morning at 8.30 and St. Margaret Mary Church at 9 o'clock. Interment at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

A couple of notes. The two grandchildren were Eileen and Jack O'Brien. The Clinton Ave. N. address is probably the home of the O'Briens.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Other Uncle Joe and Aunt Kay in the 1940 Census

And here is my Uncle Joe Egan and my Aunt Kay Maloney Egan living at 242 Frost Ave. in Rochester.

Joseph and Kay Egan in 1940 Federal Census in Rochester, NY

My Uncle Joe Maloney and Aunt Helen Maloney in 1940 Census

Two more of my relatives in the 1940 Federal Census. The first is my Uncle Joe - Rev. Joseph T. Maloney. In 1940 he was an assistant pastor at St. John the Evangelist Church on Humboldt St. in Rochester.

Rev. Joseph T. Maloney in 1940 Federal Census in Rochester, NY
The other is my Aunt Helen - Sister Helen Joseph Maloney, S.S.J. In 1940 she was at St. Mary's Boys Orphan Asylum of West Main Street in Rochester.

Sister Helen Joseph Maloney in 1940 Census in Rochester, NY

Your's Truly in the 1940 Federal Census

I have finally found myself in the 1940 Federal Census. The 1940 Rochester City Directory had the Eagan family on Alexander Street but I was not able to find them there in the 1940 census. Now that the entire 1940 Federal Census for New York I find that at the time of the census we were living at 195 Hazelwood Terr.  Your's truly can be found at line 14.
Eagans in the 1940 Federal Census for Rochester, NY
My mother had always told me that Arleigh Hill, a Seneca Indian and lacrosse player, lived on the same street as we did. I assumed she was referring to Alexander St. but apparently she was referring to Hazelwood Terrace. Note that Hill lived next door to the Eagans at number 201. Arleigh Hill played professional lacrosse in Rochester and among his team mates was Harry Smith. You never heard of Harry Smith? It turns out Harry Smith changed his name to Jay Silverheels for his acting career. That's right, he was Tonto - the Lone Ranger's "faithful Indian companion." 

Here is a picture of the house at 195 Hazelwood Terrace in Rochester.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stavanger, Norway

Yesterday we were in Stavanger, Norway, our last port on the
Norwegian cruise. Today we are steaming south toward Amsterdam where we
will conclude this cruise sometime tomorrow morning. Then we wait around
the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam for a flight to Prague so we can start
the second phase of our trip.

The photo is of the Lagard Gravlund - a cemetery. It was one of the
nicest one I have seen (and I do like cemeteries). One unique feature I
noticed on a number of gravestones that note a husband and wife, below
the two and their dates was a notation of the wife's maiden name. For
genealogists this is handy.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tromso and Bergen, Norway

The other day we were in Tromso and yesterday in Bergen, Norway's second
largest city. In Tromso it was cold and misty but in Bergen it was a bit
warmer but raining. I guess that was the type of weather we expected.

Yesterday we had expected to arrive in Bergen at 10:00 AM but we missed
that by a 'country mile.' It happens that during the night there were
problems with the engine and for a while we are dead in the water. We
finally arrived in Bergen at 5:00 PM but then stayed until 11:00 PM.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Geiranger, Leknes, Kirknes and Honningsvag

Since our stop at Alesund, we have stopped at ports of Geirenger,
Leknes, Kirknes and today we are in Honningsvag. All are located on or
at the end of fjords in the northern portion of Norway. The
Geirangerfjord has been the most picturesque yet with it very high stone
walls. The weather was very nice in Geiranger but it has become cooler
as we moved further north. Today in Honningsvag the high is expected to
be only 47 degrees.

The sun has been up for the last four or five days and will be so until
we get further south. We have to be sure that the drapes are tightly
closed or else when you wake up in the middle of the night it seems like
the middle of the day.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Geiranger, Norway

Yesterday we cruised up a long fjord to the small town of Geiranger. The
sail up the fjord was very picturesque with small settlements ever so
often. Some of them were three quarters of the way up the side of hill
and you wonder how they got up there. The ship was anchored at the end
of the fjord and from there we were able to take a tender into the town.
The town was very small with a large camp ground with campers from all
over Europe.

Today we are sailing up the coast of Norway to the port of Leknes, the
northern most port on this cruise. Unfortunately tomorrow is Sunday and
most of everything in Leknes is closed but at least will will have an
opportunity to walk around.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Alesund, Norway

This morning we arrived at Alesund about 9:00 AM after cruising for a
day and a half up the North and Norwegian Seas. Alesund consists of a
number of islands with three large ones being Norvoy, Aspoy and Hessa
and is the entrance to Stor Fjord. The city has about 40,000 residents.
The Prinsendam is docked at the cruise terminal and we are able to leave
the ship, cross the bridge and you are in the downtown area.

We took the City Train which winds through the city and eventually winds
up on Mt. Aksla from which the photo was taken.

We will stay in Alesund until 11:00 PM and the out to sea and move on to
our next port north of here. By the way, today the sun will set at about
11:20 PM and it will rise tomorrow morning at about 2:30 AM. Not much of
a night!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sailing the North Sea

Today we are sailing the North Sea on our way to our first Norwegian
port, Alesund. We will arrive there around 8:00 AM. Today is a day of
rest although there is plenty of activity aboard the m/s Prinsendam. The
casino is open but as is generally the case on the Prinsendam there are
very few folks there. This afternoon there is the first of the lecture
series but I don't recall what the subject is and don't feel like
getting up to find out!

Our stateroom is very nice as we were upgraded from a normal verandah
stateroom to a Superior Suite although it is not really a suite. It is,
however, much larger with a larger balcony. We have been very lucky on
any of our Prinsendam cruises as we have been upgraded the last three times.

That's it for now.

Monday, June 11, 2012

In Amsterdam

Today we are in Amsterdam after leaving home on Thursday, the 7th. We flew to JFK and from there we flew to London-Heathrow. From Heathrow we took the National Somethingorother coach to Gatwick and spent the night there. On Saturday we flew to Amsterdam and our cruise starts tomorrow from here.

The cruise is for fourteen days along the Norway Coast and in a number of it's fjorrds and then we will be back here and then on to Prague. There we will spend a few days and then begin a week long cruise up the Elbe River. Then it's on to Berlin for a few days and then will have to give it up and head for home. It looks like a great month. So far it has been very good. 

Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Edward O'Briens in the 1940 Census

In the ongoing hunt for my Mother and Father (and I) in the 1940 Federal Census I thought I would look for my Uncle Eddie and Aunt Mae, the O'Briens, in the off chance that they were with them. My Aunt Mae was my father's sister. In the Rochester City Directory for 1940 the O'Brien family is listed at 2360 N. Clinton Ave in Irondequoit. No sight of them in the Enumeration District that would contain that address. In the Rochester Suburban Directory (also at the Rochester-Monroe County Public Library web site), which includes Irondequoit, the O'Briens are listed at 16 Burwell Road. They are shown below at line 56. The family includes my Uncle Eddie, my Aunt Mae and my cousin Jack.
O'Briens in 1940 Federal Census in Irondequoit, NY

Sarah L. Eagan in the 1940 Federal Census

My grandfather Stephen Eagan's sister, Sarah, is listed in the 1940 Federal Census at the St. Ann's Home on Lake Avenue. Sarah never married and worked for many years at the City Clerk's Office. She died in 1944 and is buried in the Eagan plot in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester.  She is found at line 61.
Sarah Eagan in 1940 Federal Census in Rochester, NY

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Makarewicz 1940 Federal Census in Hamtramck, MI

This is the 1940 Federal Census for the Makarewicz family in Hamtramck, MI. My father-in-law, Sigmund Makarewicz (changed to Mack in 1941) is line 15. My lovely wife, Nancy, is line 18. Following the Makarewicz family is Rose Zabowski, my mother-in-law's sister, and her family.
Makarewicz and Zabowski in 1940 Fed. Census

Maloney - 1940 Federal Census for Rochester, NY

Yesterday, April 2, the Federal Census for 1940 became available online from the National Archives. The census records become available seventy-two years after being taken so the 1950 Federal Census will be available in 2022.  Attempting to find any of my family yesterday was a loss as too many people were searching so I tried early this morning and was successful in finding my step-grandmother, Mary Hanley Maloney, at 54 Greig Street. As my grandfather, Frederick, had died in March and the census was taken in April he was not listed although he was listed in the 1940 Rochester City Directory.

In addition to Mary Maloney, my uncle Leo Maloney was listed as a Warehouse Man at Swift & Co. Also listed was Jeanne Young, a 23 year old single niece. I suspect that she was the daughter of Alice Hawkins Young, the daughter of Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins (my great-grandmother) and John Hawkins. It is noted that Jeanne Young was born in Michigan and it also noted the in 1935 she lived in Ann Arbor, MI. In 1940 she was a nurse at Highland Hospital in Rochester. Below is the census record with Mary Maloney at line 50.
Maloney 1940 Federal Census for Rochester, NY

Friday, March 16, 2012

1940 Rochester, NY City Directory

The Rochester-Monroe County Public Library has recently added the 1940 City Directory to its list of online documents.  Here are the information in the directory for the Eagan, Maloney and Hanley families.

Eagan, Austin (Mary) service man Monroe Calculating Mach Co. 196 Chestnut r 93 Alexander

Maloney, Fredk G (Mary) h 54 Greig
Maloney, Jos T Rev asst rector St John The Evangelist Church r 548 Humboldt
Maloney, Katherine E sten r 54 Greig
Maloney, Leo P receiving clrk r 54 Greig

Hanley, Eileen P r 77 Oriole
Hanley, Jos M msngr Defender Photo Supply Co Inc 666 Driving pk av r 77 Oriole
Hanley, Katherine M married Chester Baker
Hanley, Michael J (Eliz M) bkpr Fahy Market 25 Front h 77 Oriole
Hanley, Richard J lab 860 Maple r 77 Oriole
Hanley, Thomas R (M Josephine) stock clrk h 524 Columbia av

Just a few notes. A "h" prior to the address stands for house and it means that person is the home owner. A "r" stands for resident.

UPDATE: Eagan, Sarah L r 1971 Lake Avenue (Saint Ann's Home)

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Marriage Records for Frederick Maloney

My maternal grandfather, Frederick George Maloney, was married three times. The first marriage took place in Leoni Township, MI where he married Jennie McGill on November 11, 1891. Jennie, the daughter of William and Celia McGill, died on November 4, 1897. Here is the Michigan marriage record (record no. 341):
Marriage - Fred Maloney and Jennie McGill - 1891
About 1900 my grandfather returned to Rochester, NY where he had been born. Here on May 17, 1905 in Immaculate Conception Church he married my grandmother, Bridget Josephine Hanley, the daughter of Thomas Hanley and Catherine O'Connell. My grandmother died in Rochester on February 23, 1913. Here is the Rochester marriage record which stretches over four sheets:

Marriage - Fred Maloney and Bridget Hanley - 1905
After my grandmother died, my grandfather married my grandmother's sister, Mary Agnes Hanley. It was this wife I had always thought was my grandmother when I was very young. They were married on June 20, 1916 in Watkins Glen, NY where Mary Hanley at the time was working as a nurse. Mary Hanley Maloney died September 19 1948 in King Ferry, NY. This is the Watkins Glen marriage record:
Marriage - Fred Maloney and Mary Hanley - 1916