Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today's Civil War Pension Records

The first document today is an affidavit made on September 27, 1920 where Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins describes Francis Maloney's physical characteristics. In addition she states that she has no document containing Francis' signature.
This second affidavit made on July 12, 1912 states that she married Francis Maloney on May 10, 1866 in Leoni Township.MI and the only living person (in 1912) who witnessed the wedding was Albert Helmer. (An affidavit made by Albert Helmer is found here.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Additional Assorted Civil War Pension Records

This first form is from the Bureau of Pensions containing information pertaining to Francis Maloney's dates in Federal service with the 54th Infantry Regiment, NY National Guard.

This letter from the Bureau of Pensions asking for a tracing of the signature of Francis Maloney. In a later document my great-grandmother states that she has no tracing of his signature.

This last document for today is an affidavit from Albert Helmer of Parma, MI (near Jackson). Albert, probably another cousin of Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins, states that he was a witness at the wedding of Francis and Sarah.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Civil War Pension Affidavit of John and Belle Helmer

This is an affidavit of John and Belle Helmer, a brother and sister and cousins of Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins.  Sarah Weed's grandmother (my third great-grandmother), Lena Harter, married Philip Helmer after the death of her first husband.  The affidavit, as a number of others, states that Sarah Weed married Francis Maloney and, following his death, married John Hawkins.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Additional Maloney Civil War Pension Affidavits

Here are additional Civil War Widow Pension records from the National Records. My great-grandfather, Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins, received a pension based on my great-grandfather, Francis G. Maloney, serving in the Civil War in 1864 when his NY National Guard regiment was mustered into the Union Army. She applied for the pension following the death of her second husband, John Hawkins. This first document from the County Clerk's Office of Jackson County, MI stating that they were not able to locate a record of the marriage of my great-grandparents. Later we shall see affidavits from persons who attended to wedding.

The following is an affidavit from George Johnson of Leoni Township, MI who knew both Sarah Weed and Francis Maloney. He also states that he was acquainted  with Elder Hodgkins who married my great-grandparents.

This last affidavit (the last for today) made by Francis Maloney's sister, Minnie, and one of his brothers, Thomas, states that Francis did not marry anyone other that Sarah Weed and they were never divorced.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maloney Civil War Pension Affadavits

Some additional records for the Widow's Pension that my great-grandmother received as a result of my great-grandfather, Francis Maloney, serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. In this affidavit, my great-grandmother, Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins, states that she had no sons or any other relatives that served in World War I.

This next is a request from the government that probably precipitated the above affidavit.
In the next affidavit, my great-grandmother states that her second husband, John Hawkins, never served in any branch of the Armed Services.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Another Civil War Pension Record Form

Another of the forms included in the Civil War Widow pension records of my great-grandparents provided to me by the National Archives.

Army Discharge for Capt. Francis G. Maloney

This is the Discharge record for my great-grandfather, Francis Maloney. He was a member of the 54th Infantry Regiment, New York National Guard and commanded Company "I" of the regiment. Later he was promoted to Major and served as the Regimental Major. The 54th Infantry Regiment was mustered into the US Army in July 1864 and was mustered out in November of the same year. The 5th Regiment served as guards at the Prisoner of War camp in Elmira, NY.

Widow's Pension Records for Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins

Quite a few years ago I requested copies of Civil War Pension records of my great-grandfather, Francis Maloney, from the National Archives. The records are for the pension that my great-grandmother, Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins, received when her second husband, John Hawkins, died in 1919. The pension was granted in 1920. Here is the cover sheet for the records from the National Archives: