Monday, August 26, 2013

WWI Draft Records - Two Hanleys

I have come across the World War I draft registration cards for 1917 and 1918 on the Family Search web site. Although I have not found a card for my Uncle Jim Eagan (I had previously looked at the actual cards at the National Archives), I did find records for two of my grandmother's brothers - Tim Hanley and Tom Hanley. The first is that for Tim Hanley:

Draft Registration WWI - Tim Hanley
Note from the registration card that Uncle Tim, who came to the US in 1912, was living at 116 Jefferson Ave. in 1917/18 - which agrees with Rochester City Directories for that time - and is a shipping clerk at Rochester Button on State Street.

The other is for Tom Hanley:

Draft Registration WWI - Tom Hanley
Uncle Tom Hanley, who came to the US from Ireland in 1910, was living at 136 Bartlett Street in Rochester which was the home of his brother Michael - again, this agrees with the Rochester City Directories. Tom was a billing clerk at Kodak on State Street.

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