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Hanleys in the Annals of Connacht

Previously we looked at the Hanley entries in the Annals of the Four Masters. Today we will look at the Hanleys, Chiefs of Cenel Dobtha, in the Annals of Connacht.

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Annals of Connacht

1228 - Now while this assembly was in session Toirrdelbach's two sons, Maelsechlainn and Brian, gathered much cattle and folk and carried them into the waste land of Cenel Dobtha and over its moors till they came to Snam Rathine, there they crossed over into Fid Conmaicne.

1262 - But as for the Galls, Macwilliam Burke came from the west over Tóchar Móna Conneda, leading a great host, to Elphin, while from the east came the the Justiciar of Ireland and John de Verdun, who came by Athlone to Roscommon; and they sent great raiding-parties into Cenel Dobtha, plundering everything that O Conchobair had left behind in Connacht at that time. And it was on this occasion that they marked out the site of a castle at Roscommon.

1275 - Ruaidri son of Toirrdelbach O Conchobair was captured by his own brother, Tadc son of Toirrdelbach, who also plundered all [the land of] Tadc son of Cathal Mac Diarmata. Ruaidri afterwards escaped from his captivity; Conchobair O hAinlide conveyed him away, but they were pursued and Conchobair was killed then.

1286 - Domnall O hAinlige chieftain of Cenel Dobtha rested on the twenty-sixth of March.

1297 - Magnus O hAinlige, chieftain of Cenel Dobtha, was killed by his own father's brother's son and the Muinter Eolais, in treacherous wise, at Annaduff.

1311 - Jordan d'Exteter came a-riding into Moylurg and Tadc O hAinlide, chieftain of the Cenel Dobha, was killed in the pursuit of the prey.

1358 - Conchobair O hAinlige, chieftain of Cenel Dofa, died this year, after a victory over the Devil and the world.

1360 - Diarmait O hAinlige died.

1405 - Aed O hAinlide, chieftain of Cenel Dofa, rested in Christ on the seventeenth of July and was buried at Clooncorpey on the bank of the Shannon, under the protection of Berach.

1408 - Conchobair son of Imar O hAinlide was killed this year by the Corca Achlann and the Cenel Dobtha themselves, on the moor of Cluain na Caillech; and this, the 'day of the Black Borders,' was a cruel day both for Cathal Dub O Conchobair and for the children of Imar O hAinlide; and he was buried in the monastery of Roscommon. That was at the beginning of Winter.

1409 - Cathal Mac Donnchada died on the eighteenth of September, and I am not sure that this is not the year at which Conchobar son of Imar O hAinlide ought to be entered.

1413 - The sons of Domnall son of Muirchertach O Conchobair and the Clann Donnchada took a great army to the help of the descendants of Ruaidri O Conchodair to Roscommon, to victual the castle. But they were routed at Carrickadarrin by O Conchobair Ruad and the Ui Maine, with their respective Gall and Gael allies, and driven through Cluain Aithrech into Ferran na Sithe. Murchad son of Gilla na Naem O hAinlide and Fergal Brumach son of Sefraid Mag Ragnaill were killed there.

1415 - Lochlainn O hAinlige, chieftain of Cenel Dobtha, was captured by Uilliam O Cellaig at a spot appointed for their meeting by a small river (?). Two of Uilliam's men went on to the side of the river which O hAinlige was and one of them, coming up behind him, put both his hands against him and sent him into the river and the two of them leapt in after him. Ulliam's men the leapt in on top of them and O hAinlige was seized there. He was forced afterwards to ransom himself for two hundred and two score marks.

1415 - Tomaltach son of Tadc O Birn was killed in a night-attack by Fergal son of Diarmait Mag Ragnaill at Cloonshee in Baile Elli, in the house of Dondan's son. Lochlainn O hAinlige's daughter, the ward of the family, was burned there as well, and immeasurable damage was done to cattle, buildings and corn. These deeds were done on the eighth of January, on the Tuesday, moreover, after Epiphany Sunday according to the day of the week.

1419 - Lasarfina daughter of Aed O hAinlide, wife of Murchad son of Tomas O Birn, died on the third of June.

1434 - Aed Buide and Diarmait, sons of Maelsechlainn O hAinlide, were killed by the sons of Lochlainn O hAinlide and the posterity of Imar O hAinlide.

1437 - Lochlainn O hAinlige, chieftain of Cenel Dobtha, died.

1439 - Maelsechlainn O hAinlide, chieftain of the Cenel Dobtha, died.

1442 - Uaithne son of Gilla na Naem O hAinlige and Ruaidri son of Lochlainn O hAinlige fell at each others hands in one house in the residence of O Figne.

1445 - Gilla na Maen O hAilige was blinded by God.

1452 - Lochlainn Oc O hAinlige, chieftain of Cenel Dobtha, was treacherously killed in the crannog of Loch Leise by the son of Murchad son of Gilla na Naem O hAinlige and the son of Uaithne son of Gilla na Naem, having been giving up [to his slayers] by the sons of O Mailbrigte his own steward, on the Sunday night after St. Michael's day. There traitors were afterwards hanged for their offence by Ruaidri Buide O hAinlige.

1462 - Tadc O Conchobair and his kinsmen fought a battle at Corra an Gobann with the son of Brian Ballach, Mac Diarmata and the Corca Achlann, the day of the week being Sunday precisely. Mac Branain was the first to come to the place of conflict. O Conchobair and his kinsmen rose up quickly . . . to meet them, refusing to accept quarter (?) or protection from them but being pressed (?) into the deep river which lay before them. Two or three of them were drowned in this river and O Conchobair came safely over to O hAinlige. O Conchobair was then recognised again [as lord] by his own territories.

1464 - The prey of Lacan was taken by Tadc Mag Ragnaill, who was induced thereto by Diarmait son of Lochlainn Oc O hAinlige; and we have not heard that any Gall or Gael ever did this before.

1465 - Diarmait Mac Jago was treacherously killed by the sons of Gilla na Naem O hAinlige.

1465 - Diarmait and Eogan, sons of Tadc O hAinlige, were treacherously killed by the posterity of Lochlainn O hAinlige.

1468 - Conchobair son of Emann son of Maelsechlainn O hAinlige died on the Saturday before Low Sunday.

1468 - Feradach son of Lochlainn Oc O hAinlige and the son of Cormac O hAinlige's son and some of their hired troops were killed by the sons of Uaithne O hAinlige.

1469 - Aed son of Uaithne O hAinlige and Tadc son of Muirchertach son of Tomaltach O hAinlige died.

1472 - Muirchertach son of Tomaltach son of Imar O hAinlige died.

1473 - Brian son of Roiberd Mac Aedacain, law-ollav to O Conchobair Donn and O hAinlige, [died.]

1475 - Emann son of Maelsechlainn O hAinlige, a man good enough to be chieftain of the Three Tuatha, died on the fourteenth day after the feast of Michael, Thursday by the day of the week.

1476 - Derbforgaill daughter of Feidlim Finn O Conchobair, wife of O Conchobair Donn, died; and O hAinlige's daughter, wife of Toirrdelbach Caech Mac Suibne, rested.

1478 - Emann son of Lochlainn O hAinlige was killed by his own people.

1482 - Diarmait son of Lochlainn Oc O hAinle, a full worthy prospective chieftain of Cenel Dobtha, was with his brothers treacherously by the descendants of Gilla na Naem O hAinlige.

1482 - The chieftain of Cenel Dobtha, a man courageous in attack, died after living to a great age and his brother Tadc succeeded him.

1482 - Aed son of Imar son of Tomaltach was killed by his own people.

1482 - Ruaidri Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, and Tadg Mag Ragnaill, chieftain of Muinter Eolais, made a retaliatory expedition into Cenel Dobtha to avenge the children of Lochlainn, who had been guaranteed by both of them. They burned O hAinlige's house and killed Donnchadd son of Siacus Carrach and the son of Conchobair son of Cormac, but the inhabitants defeated them and drove them in flight as far as Ballinafad. Feidlim Finn came against the rout and checked it.

1527 - Mor daughter of Maelsechlainn Mac Caba, wife of O hAinlige, the best woman who ever lived in Cenel Dobtha, foster-mother to the poets and exiles of Ireland, a re-incarnation of Mor Muman for good repute and piety and virtue, the greatest bestower of alms and charitable gifts of food and clothing to God's poor and needy and to all who stood in need thereof, died in her own residence at Port Locha Leise and was buried in the monastery of Elphin under the protection of God and St. Francis.

1536 - An expedition was made by O Conchobair of Sligo, O Ruairc, and the son of Cathal O Conchobair, at the request of Mac Diarmata and the sons of Tadc Mac Diarmata, against Toirrdelbach Ruad son of Tadc Buide. They devastated the church and lay properties of the Cloonties and thence proceeded into the Tuatha, where the Muinter Ainlidhe gave them hostages and [so] were not destroyed by them. After this they went among the Ui Maine and destroyed all who were the friends of O Conchobair, except such as O Ruairc protected (for O Ruairc had not gone on that expedition to commit devastation, but to see if he could make peace between Mac Diarmata and his kinsmen and O Conchobair Ruad). The army took Turrock Castle and demolished it; and Donnchad son of Emann O Cellaig came to them as a hostage, for fear of his own territory being devastated. The army turned back, having accomplished the purpose of their expedition just as they wished, and those hostages were taken to Sligo, to wit the son of O hAinlidhe and the son of O Cellaig, and they carried with them the ornamented door of Turrock [castle] to Sligo.

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