Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Caribbean Cruise

Spent a very enjoyable seven days last week aboard Holland America's MS Westerdam. This was the first Caribbean cruise that we had taken in probably ten years. Lately we have taken 14 to 18 day cruises across the Atlantic in the Spring and then a longer one in the Fall. It is so much different between those and the one week cruises in the Caribbean. The passengers on the longer cruises are older and the ships much nicer. However, even a mediocre one week cruise is better than staying home!

Here is yours truly kayaking on Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas.

This cruise was the one that Nancy one last Fall when we were cruising in the Pacific. We originally upgraded to a outside cabin and we didn't care if it was obstructed (ie, a life boat was right outside our window), we just wanted to know when the sun was up. We booked an 'obstructed' cabin and didn't care which cabin or which deck. As a result, we were guaranteed at least that but the cruise line could put us anyplace. Two weeks before the cruise that we had been upgraded to a 'partially obstructed' cabin. Not bad. When we checked in on the day the cruise started we found that they had changed our cabin number and when we reached the cabin - lo and behold - it was a verandah cabin so we had our own balcony for the week. I suspect that the upgrade to the verandah was based on the number of days that we have cruised on Holland American Line (about 160 days or so.)

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