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Edward Franklin Weed Papers

Edward Franklin Weed, a genealogist, did extensive research into the Weed family, a family of which my great-grandmother, Sarah Weed, was a member. Around 1900 Edward Weed sent questionnaires concerning their families to hundreds (possibly thousands) of Weeds. More than 800 completed questionnaires are at the New Canaan Historical Society in New Canaan, CT. In addition to the questionnaires are notes and letters sent to Mr. Weed from persons who completed the questionnaires. Among those are two 1902 letters from M. Frances Maloney of Detroit, my grandaunt. These letters are found after the jump.

106 W. Elizabeth St.
Detroit, Mich. 5/12-02

Mr. Edward F. Weed
Rowayton, N.Y.

Yours of the 9" inst. at hand, and in reply to same will explain my
relationship to the Weed family, by giving you a list of the descendants
of my grandfather, Fellows Weed:

Sons -
William Amos Weed (dead) - No children
Eli Weed, Rochester, N.Y.
John " (dead) No children
James Levi Weed (dead)

Daughter -
Sarah Lena Weed, Jackson, M.

Children of Eli Weed, -
Fellows Firth " , Rochester, N.Y.
Mary Genevieve " , " "
Marion Sarah " , - Germany
Charlotte Hannah " , Rochester, N.Y.

Children of James L. Weed, -
Agnes Hannah Weed, Cincinnati, Ohio
Jessie May Weed-Porter, Chicago, Ill.
James Lloyd Weed, Cincinnati, Ohio
Ida Laura Weed-Shaw, " "

Children of Sarah L. Weed-Maloney
1. Mary Frances Maloney, Detroit, M.
2. Frederick Hampton " , Rochester, N.Y.
3. Ellen Weed Maloney-Smith, Jackson, Mich.

Children of Sarah L. Weed-Maloney-Hawkins
1. William Ralph Hawkins, Jackson, M.
2. Harold Fellows " , " "
3. Alice Eva " , " "

Children of William R. Hawkins
Lila Hawkins, Jackson, M.
Hazel Hope " , " "

My grandfather [Fellows] had two brothers, Alonzo and Joseph,
and two sisters, Climena and Fidelia. The brothers had children,
and I think they live in Wisconsin, and Iowa or Arkansas, but don't
know their names.
I trust this information may be of some use to you, although you
probably has all this before, and beg to remain

M. Frances Maloney

#106 W. Elizabeth St.
Detroit, Mich. 5/29-02

Mr. Edward F. Weed,

Dear Sir,
Yours of recent date received and I trust you will pardon delay
in replying, as I had to write to my mother for the information requested,
and I don't know that it is very complete now. My mother never knew much
about her fathers family, as they were all very reserved and distant in
their manners. Her father was a very quiet man, and never troubled himself
much about relations.
I will answer as many of your questions as possible.

My father, F. G. Maloney, born April 23-1841
" " " " " married May 10-1865
" " " " " died June 21-1872

My mother second marriage occurred July 9-1879
to John Wm. Hawkins, Jackson, Mich.
" " " born Winslow, Buckinghamshire, Eng. Apr. 21-1845
His father's name Wm. Hawkins - dead.
" mother's " Ann Wilmore - "

Wm. R. Hawkins, born Jan. 10-1881
Harold F. " " March 19-1884
Alice E. Hawkins born Mar. 21-1887

Agnes H. Weed, daughter of Jas. Levi Weed, not married, lives with her
mother Mrs. Laura E. Witman, 824 W. 7" St., Cincinnati, Ohio
Jessie Mary Weed, Chicago, & Ida Laura Weed-Shaw are also his daughters,
and Jas. Lloyd Weed is his son. You can get all of their addresses by
writing Mrs. Laura E. Witman, their mother.

My mother doesn't remember her grandfather's sister.

These are the names of his brother Eber's children. Cyrus W., Gunden,
Justin, Harriet, Libeus Woodworth.

Alonzo Weed-died at his uncle's, Cyrus Fellows. Don't think he was
married. Grandfather's brother Joseph lived in Oshkosh, Wis. and had
two children. Justin the boy died when a baby. The girl's name was
Mary, was living the last we heard.

Aunt Climena had one daughter who died when 3 years old.

My uncle Wm. A. Weed died, July-1899
" " John Weed married but did not live with his wife long, had
no children. Lived at Jackson, Mich. with my grandparents until his
death Aug. 18-1869.

Trusting this may assist your a little in your work. I am

Yours truly,
M. Frances Maloney

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