Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all, Irish or otherwise. I have the distinct honor of being named after the saint and also my great-grandfather, Patrick M. Eagan.  When I was very young I was not always pleased with the name chosen by my mother and father.  Being called Patty was not always appreciated to a six or seven year old.  Eventually I came to realize that I, and all Patricks, had something unique - everybody in the Western world (and probably portions of the Eastern word too) celebrated a day dedicated to our name.  One of my Italian friend when I was in my teens tried to argue that Josephs in the world were just as proud of their namesake as those named Patrick.  My question - how many celebrate St. Joseph's Day (March 19) other than the Italians?

After skipping two generations after my great-grandfather with no Patrick Eagan, my father and mother started it again when they named me. I, in turn, named my eldest son Patrick and he named his son Liam Patrick.  Let's hope that Liam Patrick will continue it.  (Listen up, Liam!)

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