Friday, August 06, 2010

Rochester's Immaculate Conception Parish

Recently I scanned the properties in Rochester listed in the National Register of Historical Places. Currently there are 87 properties listed. In addition, there are 74 properties listed in Monroe County but outside the City of Rochester.  The list includes individual properties and also areas within the city such as the Third Ward Historic District

One I was particularly interested in was the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church Complex. This was the Roman Catholic Parish of my parents in their youth and also my grandparents. My mother and father both went to grammar school in the parish school and were married there. Both  my Maloney and Eagan grandparents were buried from the church.  The thirty page registration form used when the Immaculate Conception complex was nominated for inclusion in the National Register is available at the National Parks Service site.

The complex that comprises the site has five contributing buildings. These are (1) the Immaculate Conception Church - built in 1864, (2) the former rectory - built in 1871, (3) the former parochial school - built in 1826, (4) the current rectory - built circa 1900, and (5) a garage - built circa 1926.

I was curious about the school - built in 1826 - and wondered what had preceded it as I know that my Mother and Father went to school there prior to 1926. The Parish History describes both the church and the school. The history notes that a school was established in 1864 but does not specify where. The Immaculate Conception Parochial School known as the Plymouth Avenue School for many years, was opened in 1870.  The school was built on the Edinburgh side of the church and faced Plymouth Avenue. A new school and hall was built and dedicated in 1894, accommodating 250 pupils. The new school, that is the current school building, was built in 1926. Therefore I assume that Mother and Father (and their siblings) attended the school built in 1894.

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