Monday, September 20, 2010

Baseball and Softball Collection

While on my bicycle each morning I am amazed by the assorted junk that is found in the street. Small things that I find such as coins, keys, broken cell phones, etc I save in an empty coffee can. One of these days I will lay it out and take a picture of that collection.  Because I ride through a couple of parks and schools I find quite a few baseballs and softballs. Here is my baseball/softball collection laid out in my garage.

This collection consists of thirty-four softballs, fifty-one baseballs, and one soccer ball. The soccer ball I found in the bushes beside the bike trail next to Lynn University. The most I have ever collected in a single morning was sixteen baseballs across the street from Parch Reef Park in Boca Raton. Because I had them stuffed in my shorts I had to go home to drop them off before continuing my ride. If I didn't, my shorts probably would have fallen off.

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