Thursday, July 14, 2011

Additional Maloney Civil War Pension Affidavits

Here are additional Civil War Widow Pension records from the National Records. My great-grandfather, Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins, received a pension based on my great-grandfather, Francis G. Maloney, serving in the Civil War in 1864 when his NY National Guard regiment was mustered into the Union Army. She applied for the pension following the death of her second husband, John Hawkins. This first document from the County Clerk's Office of Jackson County, MI stating that they were not able to locate a record of the marriage of my great-grandparents. Later we shall see affidavits from persons who attended to wedding.

The following is an affidavit from George Johnson of Leoni Township, MI who knew both Sarah Weed and Francis Maloney. He also states that he was acquainted  with Elder Hodgkins who married my great-grandparents.

This last affidavit (the last for today) made by Francis Maloney's sister, Minnie, and one of his brothers, Thomas, states that Francis did not marry anyone other that Sarah Weed and they were never divorced.

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