Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Alesund, Norway

This morning we arrived at Alesund about 9:00 AM after cruising for a
day and a half up the North and Norwegian Seas. Alesund consists of a
number of islands with three large ones being Norvoy, Aspoy and Hessa
and is the entrance to Stor Fjord. The city has about 40,000 residents.
The Prinsendam is docked at the cruise terminal and we are able to leave
the ship, cross the bridge and you are in the downtown area.

We took the City Train which winds through the city and eventually winds
up on Mt. Aksla from which the photo was taken.

We will stay in Alesund until 11:00 PM and the out to sea and move on to
our next port north of here. By the way, today the sun will set at about
11:20 PM and it will rise tomorrow morning at about 2:30 AM. Not much of
a night!

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