Monday, September 24, 2012

Patrick M. Eagan's Will - An Extended Journey

A couple of years back I posted an opinion of the NY State Supreme Court, Appellate Division having to do with my great-grandfather's will. In that instance my Grand-aunt Sarah Eagan, and others, had challenged my great-grandfather's will in that some stock had not been included in his estate. The court affirmed the Monroe County Probate Court that had ruled that my great-grandfather had donated the stock to his daughter, Catherine, before his death so it was not a part of his estate. As an aside, Catherine's husband, John King, was the executor of my great-grandfather's will.

I have found a number of items in the Rochester Daily Record over the period from 1903 (when my great-grandfather had died) until about 1920. One was an action brought be my great-grandmother, Mary, to replace John King as executor. I don't know whether he was,

In 1920 there was an action brought by James W. Eagan (son of Stephen Eagan, my grandfather) and Anne Eagan Hamilton [daughter of Stephen and my Aunt Nana] to sell property that my great-grandfather had in the 3rd Ward in the Prospect and Atkinson St. area.  The defendants in this action were Mary Eagan O'Brien [daughter of Stephen and my Aunt Mae], Austin Eagan [my father], and Elizabeth Eagan [Stephen's wife and my grandmother]. The notice in the Rochester Daily Record of March 18, 1920.

The following is from Plat Book of the City of Rochester and shows the two pieces of property that I believe were to be sold. They are noted as three black dots below the two properties. The Plot Book is dated 1935 and I know that Sarah Eagan got one of the properties, That one at the corner of Atkinson and Prospect Streets. In 1935 it was the Venice Hall restaurant. The other at the corner of Prospect aand Adams Sts. which is I believe Patrick Eagan had his grocery store.

Here is essentially the same area in a current Google Map.


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