Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: McCain Drops Palin

Following a week a bad reviews of the Sarah Palin interviews by conservative voices, the McCain campaign announced today that Sen. McCain will drop Gov. Palin from the number two spot on the Republic ticket. Campaign insiders explained that after reviewing the interviews Sen. McCain had decided that Gov. Palin should return to Alaska and spare any further embarrassment to his campaign. To replace Gov. Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate, Sen. McCain has announced that he has chosen Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live as his running mate. Ms. Fey, reached at her home, said that she was thrilled to be chosen. She added, "I am a bit surprised at this as I can't see any foreign countries from my house. Even from the attic windows."

In a related item, a spokesman for NBC has stated that Lorne Michaels is in talks with Sarah Palin concerning her replacing Ms. Fey on Saturday Night Live.

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