Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coming Attractions

I have found that unless I put in writing what I plan to do I will keep putting it off. My off-and-on work on this blog is a good example of what I mean. I have a number of items that I want to work on but just keep putting it off to tomorrow (and the day after that, . . .). Let's see if this works. In the near future you will be seeing some of these:
  • Railroad service in Rochester in the 19th century.
  • Correspondence to and from Josephus Requa, a Rochester dentist, member of the 54th Regiment and inventor of a machine gun during the Civil War.
  • Famous persons buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
  • The Catholic cemeteries in Rochester before the opening of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
  • The history of Rochester's Shop School, my father's high school.
Let's see if this works!

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