Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mac Eagan Brehons

From the History of Clan Egan by Joseph J. and Mary Joan Egan (Irish American Culture Institute, 1979) we find that most of the Irish Chiefs and Lords of Connacht and Munster had Eagans as Brehons. That is their legal advisers - lawyers and judges -were members of the Mac Egan clan. From the Irish annals we find the following chiefs and lords with Eagan Brehons.

  • O'Kellys of Ui Maine
  • O'Maddens, Lords of Siol Anmachadha
  • Clanrickard Burkes
  • O'Mannin (Mannion)
  • O'Conor Don
  • O'Conor Roe
  • O'Conor Sligo
  • O'Conor Kerry
  • O'Conor Faly
  • O'Hanly Chiefs
  • O'Dowds, Lords of the northern Ui Fiachrach
  • MacWattins or Barretts of Tirawley
  • MacCarthy Mór, Chief of Clancarty
  • MacGeoghegans, Lords of Cinel Fhiachach
  • Fitzpatrick (Mac Giolla Phádraig) of Ossory
  • O'Farrells of Annaly
  • Sliab Corráin (Slieve-Carbry)
  • Fear Teathbha (Teffia)
  • Brefiney
  • O'Kennedys, Lords of Ormond
  • O'Carrolls, Kings of Ely
  • O'Meaghers, Chiefs of Ikerrin

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