Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bonne Bay, Newfoundland

Today we are in the small port town of Woody Point on Bonne Bay,
Newfoundland. Apparently Newfoundland is not big enough to have its own
motor vehicle license tags but must share them with Ladrador. As with
yesterday's port in Quebec, the port facilities are such that cruise
ships must anchor in the bay and then transport passengers to shore via

Nancy and I went ashore about 10:00 AM (ship's time, local time was
10:30 AM) and strolled down the main street and found ourselves at the
burying ground. I love cemeteries and when coming across any I like to
roam through it reading the tombstones. It seems that the cemetery is
no longer used for new burials as most of the readable tombstones dated
in the 19th century. Like the cemetery in Ferndale, CA (one of my
favorites) it is a on the side of a hill, not anywhere as large as
Ferndale but very nice.

The other photo here is a group of "Newfies" dressed up in costume. I
asked one of the girls what it was about and she told me that the locals
dress in costume at Christmas and go door to door similar to Halloween.
If the homeowners are not able to guess who the costumed person was they
have to provide a drink. Hard to tell how many houses one came make it
to but at least they would be warmed!

Tomorrow we will be in Red Bay, Labrador and that will be the last of
our Canadian ports before we really head for the 'cold country.'

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