Friday, July 31, 2009

Nanortalik, Greenland

Today we are in the small town of Nanortalik at almost the most southern
tip of Greenland and it is not a tad cool as it was yesterday. Today it
is damn cold! Here it is the last day of July, in Miami the high today
was to be 90 degrees and here in Nanortalik it was 38 degrees when we
got up this morning! Right now (about 3:30 PM) it is in the low 50s so
it is not that bad but still uncomfortable.

The sun comes up very early in the morning (around 4:00 AM) and sets
late at night (around 9:30 PM or so). As a result we were awake as we
proceeded up the coast and could see icebergs out the window of our
cabin. These continued even as we got to the harbor. The first photo
was taken at about 7:30 AM before we ate breakfast and you will note
that no one was in the pool! In fact, since we left Boston we have only
see four or five in the main pool which is covered. As the captain
noted yesterday, if you went on a cruise for beaches and the sun, you
went on the wrong cruise!

We did go ashore and walked around the town which is another former
whaling station. The population is about 1,700 and most houses are
grouped right around the harbor. Most of the buildings are painted
bright colors - red, green or blue - probably to brighten up their
lives. I would hate to be here in the winter.

Tomorrow the schedule calls for "scenic cruising" which I assume that we
will be close to shore. This as opposed to the following day that calls
for "at sea" which means we will see nothing but water and probably
fog. Then it's on to the first of four ports in Iceland. That's it for

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