Saturday, April 24, 2010

Burrowing Owls at the Boca Raton Airport

Although the Boca Raton Airport has no 'scheduled' airlines operating out of it, it still has quite a bit of traffic.  This morning on my bike ride I was riding west on Spanish River Blvd. (NW 40th Street) and passing the airport I noticed a circle of small flags stuck in the ground at the end on the runway. I stopped and on closer inspection I noticed within the circle of small flags there were about four small perches, similar to those I had seen on the campus of Florida Atlantic University that had been marked as burrowing owl spots.  Sure enough I saw one burrowing owl within the circle.  Below the area is marked in the map below.  Can you imagine how the owls feel when jets land or take off over their perches?  I can hear the owl now, "Holy shit!  What was that?"

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