Monday, April 12, 2010

Railroads Servicing Rochester in 1904

The map of Rochester in 1904 I recently talked about is as detailed as I have seen for that period.  I have some earlier but they are sometimes difficult to read such as the map of Rochester in 1871 that I copied from the City Directory for that year.  In the 1904 map I am especially interested in the railroad stations and their locations. Some of these locations still exist in the city although not as a train station.  The railroads and stations listed in the City Directory for that year are as follows:
  • Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway Co. - Passenger and freight stations are located at 62 West Avenue and on Oak Street although I find no stations on Oak Street on the 1904 map.
  • Rochester, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad - One station located  on Brinker Place near Hart Street and another 434 State Street. The Brinker station was just south of the railroad tracks that cross the river.  Hart Street is still there. The State Street station was located between Jay Street and Brown Street.
  • New York Central & Hudson River Railroad - Stations located at Brown Street opposite Wilder, the Central Station on the corner of Central Avenue and St. Paul Street, Centre Park Station on Allen Street near Chamberlain, and the Otis Station on Lyell Avenue near Warner Street.  
  • West Shore Railway - Shares station facilities with New York Central & Hudson River Railroad at the Central Station on Central Avenue.
  • Erie Railroad - Station located on Court Street near Exchange Street.
  • Rochester & Sodus Bay Railway - Station located at Main Street East at the corner of Chamberlain.
  • Lehigh Valley Railroad - Station located on Court Street and South Avenue. The station building is still standing and is the Dinosaur Bar-B-Q place.  
  • Pennsylvania Railroad - Station at 81 West Avenue across the street from the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh station.
In addition to those listed above, the following operated in Rochester but I can find no detailed information concerning them:
  • Genesee Falls Railway Co.
  • Northern Central Railway
  • Rochester, Charlotte & Manitou Railroad Co.
  • Rochester Electric Railway Co.
  • Rochester Railway Co.
  • Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway

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