Sunday, March 20, 2011

London Heathrow

After our late start (or early depending on how you view is) from home on Saturday, it is Sunday afternoon 3:00 PM in the Jurys Inn just outside Heathrow Airport. We left home Saturday morning at 3:45 AM to get in line for the first flight from Miami to La Guardia airport. We made that flight that left Miami at 6:30 AM or so and arrived in La Guardia about 9:00 AM. We then took the shuttle bus to JFK and then waited until the next flight to Heathrow which was not until 7:35 PM. We did get on that flight and both Nancy and I got seats in Business Class so it wasn't bad.

After we checked in the hotel we took a nap and got up at 2:00 PM and had lunch in the bar. Now just to rest. Tomorrow we will take the underground to London and spend the day there.

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