Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Our Next Trip

Right now we are checking last minute details for our upcoming trip/cruise. Our plan right now is to leave home next Friday, March 18th and fly to London. Because we fly "stand by" for international flights so we can fly either First Class or Business Class, it appears we may want to fly Miami to LaGuardia, bus/taxi to JFK and then JFK to Heathrow, arriving Saturday morning. We shall see. In London we are staying at the Sheraton near Heathrow until Tuesday.  While there we want to visit London itself and Windsor.

On Tuesday evening evening we will fly Qatar Airways to Doha and then on to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Originally our flight left London at 7:55 AM and arrived at Doha at 5:25 PM, a hour and a half lay-over and then leave Doha at 7:00 PM and arriving Dubai at 9:05 PM. Yesterday I received an email from the airline and now we leave London at 11:00 AM and arriving Doha at 8:30 PM, leave Doha at 1:00 AM and arriving Dubai at 3:05 AM. This really sucks!

In Dubai we are staying at the XVA Art Hotel, a boutique hotel is located in Bastakiya, the oldest portion of Dubai. This portion of our trip we are really looking forward to as this is our first time in the Middle East. We will be staying in Dubai until we start our cruise.

The cruise on Holland American Line's m/s Amsterdam is the last leg of this year's World Cruise that started in Fort Lauderdale in early January. This is a thirty-two day cruise and we will be in Fort Lauderdale on April 26. Even today there are questions as to whether we will be able to visit some of the sights we have scheduled in Egypt and Jordan. A number of cruise lines have put off stopping at Egyptian ports until this Summer. We just have to wait and see. Here is a map of our itinerary:

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