Saturday, February 04, 2012

Marriage Records for Frederick Maloney

My maternal grandfather, Frederick George Maloney, was married three times. The first marriage took place in Leoni Township, MI where he married Jennie McGill on November 11, 1891. Jennie, the daughter of William and Celia McGill, died on November 4, 1897. Here is the Michigan marriage record (record no. 341):
Marriage - Fred Maloney and Jennie McGill - 1891
About 1900 my grandfather returned to Rochester, NY where he had been born. Here on May 17, 1905 in Immaculate Conception Church he married my grandmother, Bridget Josephine Hanley, the daughter of Thomas Hanley and Catherine O'Connell. My grandmother died in Rochester on February 23, 1913. Here is the Rochester marriage record which stretches over four sheets:

Marriage - Fred Maloney and Bridget Hanley - 1905
After my grandmother died, my grandfather married my grandmother's sister, Mary Agnes Hanley. It was this wife I had always thought was my grandmother when I was very young. They were married on June 20, 1916 in Watkins Glen, NY where Mary Hanley at the time was working as a nurse. Mary Hanley Maloney died September 19 1948 in King Ferry, NY. This is the Watkins Glen marriage record:
Marriage - Fred Maloney and Mary Hanley - 1916

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