Friday, March 16, 2012

1940 Rochester, NY City Directory

The Rochester-Monroe County Public Library has recently added the 1940 City Directory to its list of online documents.  Here are the information in the directory for the Eagan, Maloney and Hanley families.

Eagan, Austin (Mary) service man Monroe Calculating Mach Co. 196 Chestnut r 93 Alexander

Maloney, Fredk G (Mary) h 54 Greig
Maloney, Jos T Rev asst rector St John The Evangelist Church r 548 Humboldt
Maloney, Katherine E sten r 54 Greig
Maloney, Leo P receiving clrk r 54 Greig

Hanley, Eileen P r 77 Oriole
Hanley, Jos M msngr Defender Photo Supply Co Inc 666 Driving pk av r 77 Oriole
Hanley, Katherine M married Chester Baker
Hanley, Michael J (Eliz M) bkpr Fahy Market 25 Front h 77 Oriole
Hanley, Richard J lab 860 Maple r 77 Oriole
Hanley, Thomas R (M Josephine) stock clrk h 524 Columbia av

Just a few notes. A "h" prior to the address stands for house and it means that person is the home owner. A "r" stands for resident.

UPDATE: Eagan, Sarah L r 1971 Lake Avenue (Saint Ann's Home)

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