Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Edward O'Briens in the 1940 Census

In the ongoing hunt for my Mother and Father (and I) in the 1940 Federal Census I thought I would look for my Uncle Eddie and Aunt Mae, the O'Briens, in the off chance that they were with them. My Aunt Mae was my father's sister. In the Rochester City Directory for 1940 the O'Brien family is listed at 2360 N. Clinton Ave in Irondequoit. No sight of them in the Enumeration District that would contain that address. In the Rochester Suburban Directory (also at the Rochester-Monroe County Public Library web site), which includes Irondequoit, the O'Briens are listed at 16 Burwell Road. They are shown below at line 56. The family includes my Uncle Eddie, my Aunt Mae and my cousin Jack.
O'Briens in 1940 Federal Census in Irondequoit, NY

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