Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Maloney - 1940 Federal Census for Rochester, NY

Yesterday, April 2, the Federal Census for 1940 became available online from the National Archives. The census records become available seventy-two years after being taken so the 1950 Federal Census will be available in 2022.  Attempting to find any of my family yesterday was a loss as too many people were searching so I tried early this morning and was successful in finding my step-grandmother, Mary Hanley Maloney, at 54 Greig Street. As my grandfather, Frederick, had died in March and the census was taken in April he was not listed although he was listed in the 1940 Rochester City Directory.

In addition to Mary Maloney, my uncle Leo Maloney was listed as a Warehouse Man at Swift & Co. Also listed was Jeanne Young, a 23 year old single niece. I suspect that she was the daughter of Alice Hawkins Young, the daughter of Sarah Weed Maloney Hawkins (my great-grandmother) and John Hawkins. It is noted that Jeanne Young was born in Michigan and it also noted the in 1935 she lived in Ann Arbor, MI. In 1940 she was a nurse at Highland Hospital in Rochester. Below is the census record with Mary Maloney at line 50.
Maloney 1940 Federal Census for Rochester, NY

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