Saturday, August 11, 2012

Your's Truly in the 1940 Federal Census

I have finally found myself in the 1940 Federal Census. The 1940 Rochester City Directory had the Eagan family on Alexander Street but I was not able to find them there in the 1940 census. Now that the entire 1940 Federal Census for New York I find that at the time of the census we were living at 195 Hazelwood Terr.  Your's truly can be found at line 14.
Eagans in the 1940 Federal Census for Rochester, NY
My mother had always told me that Arleigh Hill, a Seneca Indian and lacrosse player, lived on the same street as we did. I assumed she was referring to Alexander St. but apparently she was referring to Hazelwood Terrace. Note that Hill lived next door to the Eagans at number 201. Arleigh Hill played professional lacrosse in Rochester and among his team mates was Harry Smith. You never heard of Harry Smith? It turns out Harry Smith changed his name to Jay Silverheels for his acting career. That's right, he was Tonto - the Lone Ranger's "faithful Indian companion." 

Here is a picture of the house at 195 Hazelwood Terrace in Rochester.

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