Monday, October 29, 2012

My Father's Middle Name

My father always went by the name of Austin Edward Eagan but he mentioned on a number of occasions that his middle name at birth was really 'Flint.'  The 'Flint' came from the doctor who delivered him but he said that he didn't like it so he took his confirmation name of 'Edward' as his middle name. I have a copy of my father's birth certificate and the doctor on this record is Dr. F. N. Sperry and not a Dr. Flint. I just imagined that it was a tall tale.

This morning doing something else I happened to look at the census record for 1910 and I noticed that my father's name is listed as 'Austin F. Eagan.'  Maybe he was right and maybe the doctor's first name was 'Flint.' Here is the census record.

Maybe after while I may find out that my Aunt Nana really did marry a Pete Nitney at one time!

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