Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Catherine Hanley Evicted!

Since old copies of the Rochester, NY Catholic Courier has been online I have downloaded numerous obituaries and similar articles that I will post here when I get home. However I couldn't wait to post this one. It is a short item from the Catholic Journal (predecessor to the Catholic Courier) of November 22, 1890 under the title, "Irish News." It probably speaks of my great-great-grandmother, Catherine Hanley.

I'm not absolutely sure what the Glensharrold "estate" refers to although I suspect it refers to the estate of the Yielding family in Co. Limerick. The Yieldings are listed as the landlords for that area in Griffiths Valuation done in the 1850s. I know that the Hanleys still lived in Glensharrold in 1901 as they are shown there in the Census of Ireland for that year.   


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