Saturday, August 01, 2009

Prins Christian Sound

This morning we entered the Prins Christian Sound, a narrow passage on
the east coast of Greenland. This narrow passage (very narrow in some
places) runs between the mainland and mountainous islands. We had a
pilot on board that probably came aboard in Nanortalik and he assisted
the captain as we passed through the ice fields in the sound. There
were some very nice looking glaciers but it was evident that most had
receded back. There were also large numbers of birds. There are seals
and we spotted two or three on an ice floe. Could not get a good
picture as they were too far away as we saw them.

On deck it was very windy and very cold. I don't know what the
temperature was but earlier when we awoke the outside temperature was in
the 40s. Right now (6:15 PM) it is probably in the 50s. Tomorrow is a
day at sea but the next day we should be in Iceland. Iceland should be
a bit warmer than it was in Iceland based on the Gulf Stream that comes
toward Iceland after passing Ireland.

Right now we are getting ready for Martinis and then dinner. Thats it
for now.

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Eileen said...

Love the colorful looking houses. Enjoying reading about your cruise on your blog.