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Hanley Emigration - Part II

Previously I had described when I thought my maternal grandmother and some of her siblings had come to America. These were those that left Ireland before 1900 when the Ellis Island records were sketchy. Today I will describe the emigration of those Hanley cousins of mine that came after the turn of the century. These are Michael and Catherine.

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Michael J. Hanley
Arriving in New York on October 26, 1907 from Queenstown was the SS Campania. The manifest for the Campania lists in order were 24 year old Michael Hanly and 32 year old Catherine Hanly. I believe that Catherine had come to the US earlier and then went back to Ireland. This is reflected in the manifest. Let's first look at Michael's entry

He is listed as a 24 year old, single, male, clerk. He is able to both read and write and his occupation is clerk. His nationality is of Great Britain and race is Irish, and his last permanent address is Glensharrold, Ireland. The name and address of his nearest relative in Ireland is Mr. Thomas Hanly of Glensharrold, Co. Limerick. His final destination is Rochester, NY. He had a ticket to his final destination (ie, Rochester) and he paid for that ticket himself. He was asked whether he was in possession of $50 and, if not, how much. Initially he entered $50 and Catherine entered $10, then both entries were struck out and between the two lines was entered $100. When asked if he had ever been in the United States before he answered 'No.' He then stated that the relative he would join was his sister, Mrs. F. G. Maloney, at 54 Grieg St. in Rochester, NY. Following that were a number of questions as to whether he was a polygamist, anarchist; whether his health was good or whether he was deformed, crippled, etc. He listed his height as 5ft. 9in., complexion and hair were dark and his eyes were brown, had no marks of identification, and was born in Glensharrold, Ireland.

Catherine Hanley

Catherine is listed as a 32 year old, single, female and she could both read and write. Her occupation is listed as H. work and her nationality is of Great Britain and race is Irish. Her last permanent address is listed as Rochester, NY and over that is stamped is "NON IMMIGRANT ALIEN." For the entries for name and address of relative in Ireland and final destination has check marks. Other entries where the answer was the same as the one above it is shown as "Do," ie., "ditto." However other places a check mark is entered meaning the same as "ditto." She stated that she has a ticket to her final destination (Rochester) and she paid for it herself. As noted above, she initially listed $10 as how much money she had and this was crossed out and listed as $100 between her and her brother. When asked if she had ever been in the United States, she answered 'Yes' and that she had been in the U.S. for 16 years and had come before in 1907. The writing is difficult to read and it may not be 16 years. In addition, even though the question was to be when the individuals had originally come to the U.S., all of the other 'non immigrant aliens' shown on the same page have 1907 as the entry. Obviously, it does not mean as I had thought. Catherine says that she is going to join the same relative as her brother (ie., her sister, Bridget, in Rochester) and answered the same as to polygamy, anarchy, etc., and her health. She gave her height as 5ft. 3in., both complexion and hair as dark, and eyes are brown. Finally, she was also born in Glensharrold, Ireland.

The next part of the Hanley Emigration saga will cover Thomas and Margaret, who both arrived in New York in October, 1910.

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