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Hanley Emigration - Part IV

Previously I had descbibed the details of my maternal grandmother and some of her siblings. This forth portion describes the emigration of Timothy Hanley in 1912. On the same ship was and traveling with him was a Mary A. Fitzgerald.

Timothy J. Hanley

Timothy left from Queenstown on the 22nt of September 1912 on the SS Mauretania and arrived in the Port of New York on the 30th. The ship's manifest lists him as a 29 year old, single, male and his occupation was T_____ Conductor. (The first word is difficult to read and it may be 'Train' or 'Trolley.') He was able to both read and write, his nationality was British and his race was Irish. His last permanent address was Ardagh, Ireland, his nearest relative in Ireland was his mother, Catherine Hanly, in Ardagh, and his destination was Rochester, NY. He had a ticket to his final destination which he paid for himself and he had $100 with himself. He had never previously been in the U.S. He was to join his brother, Thos. Hanly at 136 Bartlett St. in Rochester. Timothy answered the regular questions concerning polygamy, anarchy, crippled, etc. in the negative and he said that his health was good. He was 5ft. 9in. tall, was described as dark complected with dark hair, grey eyes and had no identifiable marks. Finally, he noted that he was born in Ardagh, Ireland.

Mary A. Fitzgerald

Mary was described as a 25 year old, single, female and her occupation was as a maid. She was able to both read and write, her nationalality was British and race was Irish. Her permanent address was Rochester, USA and stamped over this was, "NON-IMMIGRANT ALIEN." Her nearest relative was her father, Mr. Fitzgerald of Upper Athea in Co. Limerick. Upper Athea is a townland in the parish of Athea in Co. Limerick and Athea and Ardagh are adjoining parishes. Mary stated that she had been in the US since 1894 and she was also going to 136 Bartlett St. in Rochester. In the same area of the form is written, "Cousin Thos. Ahern, 127 Cum______ St." Mary answered 'No' to the polygamy, anarchy, etc. questions and stated that her health was good. She was 5ft. 6in. tall, had fair complexion, fair hair and her eyes were Brown. Finally she stated that she was born in Athea, Ireland.

I have not been able to find a Thomas Ahern in the Rochester City Directory for this time period. However, in the 1920 Federal Census for Rochester, Michael and Catherine O'Connor were living at the 136 Bartlett St. address (along with their son Richard). Living (renting) at 142 Bartlett St. was 65 year old Mary Fitzgerald (who came from Ireland in 1873). Also living with her was her son, Thomas F. Fitzgerald, and his wife, Mary. This is not the same Mary Fitzgerald that accompanied Tim Hanley ans this Mary was 40 years old in 1920 and was born in New York. However, I believe that this family is somehow related to the Hanleys. At least the Aherns are.

When Thomas Hanly and Catherine O'Connell were married in August 1871, the witnesses for the marriage were Thomas Ahern and Helen Ahern. Aherns were sponsors for a number of Hanley children in Ardagh.
  • Mary in 1872 - Daniel Hanley & Johanna Ahern
  • Bridget in 1874 - Michael Ahern & Helen Ahern
  • Hanora in 1875 - John Sheehy & Mary Ahern
  • Daniel in 1878 - John Ahern & Margaret Hanley
  • Joseph in 1880 - Timothy Connell & Mary Ahern
  • Michael in 1882 - Johanna Ahern (this Michael died young)
  • Michael in 1884 - Timothy Mulcahy & Mary O'Connor
  • Margaret in 1887 - Thomas & Catherine Ahern
  • Thomas in 1889 - Daniel Connell & Margaret Ahern
  • Elizabeth in 1893 - Joseph & Hanora Hanley
A number of Aherns are listed in the 1911 Census of Ireland for Glensharrold. The 'House and Building Return' associated with the 1911 Census lists the occupants and owners of the houses in the area where the Hanleys lived. These are the 10 houses in that area with the Occupant's Name, No. of Rooms, Number of Family Members, and Owner's Name.
  • Thomas Ahern, 3, 4, Thomas Ahern
  • Mrs. Hanora Fitzgerald, 3, 6, Hanora Fitzgerald
  • John Sheehy, 2, 7, John Sheehy
  • Michael Mangan, 3, 4, Michael Mangan
  • Morgan Lane, 3, 4, Morgan Lane
  • Mrs. Catherine Hanly, 4, 4, Catherine Hanly
  • Michael Ahern, 3, 3, William Ahern
  • William Ahern, 4, 5, William Ahern
  • Mrs. Margaret Windke, 3, 6, Margaret Windle
  • Edmond O'Connor, 1, 6, William Ahern

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