Monday, January 21, 2008

Hanley Emigration

I have attempted to determine when my grandmother, Bridget Hanley, and her siblings came to this country. Ellis Island records are available online but details are sketchy for ships before about 1900. As a result, I have 'guesses' in the case of my grandmother and her sisters, Mary and Catherine because of the lack of detail information. In the case of Michael, Margaret, Thomas and Timothy their is sufficient information in the records to pin-point the correct persons.

I believe that the first of the Hanley siblings to leave Ireland and come to Rochester, NY may be Mary Frances who probably sailed from Queenstown (now Cobh), the port city for Cork, to New York in 1890. In the 1910 census for Rochester, Mary is listed as living on Grieg Street with his sister, Bridget, and her family and the year of emigration is listed as 1890. Because Ellis Island was not opened until January 1892 no record there would be found.

My grandmother, Bridget, was probably the second to emigrate. In the 1900 census for Rochester she was a servant in the home of Isaac Gibbard on West Avenue and lists her emigration year as 1892. The same is true in the 1910 census when her family was living on Grieg Street as the emigration year is 1892. I believe that she is the 19 year old Bgt. Hanley that sailed from Queenstown on the SS City of Berlin that arrived in New York on July 2, 1892. Although the manifest that she was going to New Jersey that is probably an error.

Catherine Hanley was probably the next Hanley sibling to come to Rochester. In the 1920 census, living on Bartlett Street with her husband and son, the year of emigration is listed as 1893. I have not been able to find a record at Ellis Island using multiple spellings for a Catherine Hanley in 1893. We do know that Catherine (Kate) returned to Ireland and then came back to Rochester in 1907 when her brother, Michael, came here.

This will be continued with the details of the emigration of Michael, Margaret, Thomas and Timothy.

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