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Hanley Emigration - Part III

This part of the emigration of some of the Hanleys from County Limerick, Ireland deals with my grandmother's brother, Thomas, and her sister, Margaret. These two came to this country in 1910.

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Thomas and Margaret left Queenstown on October 23, 1910 aboard the SS Caronia and arrived in the Port of New York on October 30. (Just as an aside, my wife and I sailed Cunard's Caronia through the Panama Canal in 2002 or 2003. Of course, it was not the same ship.) The two were listed in order on the ship's manifest as Thomas Hanly and Margaret Hanly.

Thomas Hanley

Thomas was listed as a 20 year old, single, male and his occupation was Bookkeeper. He could both read and write, his nationality was Irish and his race was Irish. His last permanent residence was Ardagh, Ireland and the name and address of his nearest relative in Ireland was his mother, Catherine Hanly, of Ardagh, Co. Limerick. His final destination was Rochester, NY. In answer to the question as to whether he had a ticket to his final destination it was originally 'Yes' and then crossed out and entered 'No.' This is somewhat confusing because in answer to the question as to who paid for the ticket he answered 'Self.' The next item was, did he have $50 and he answered, he did. He stated that he had never been in the U.S. before and he was joining his brother, Michael, at 149 Champlain St. in Rochester, NY. He stated that he had never been in prison and was neither a polygamist nor an anarchist. His health was good and was neither crippled nor deformed. He was 5ft. 11in. tall, was dark complected with dark hair and had brown eyes with no identifiable marks. Finally, he stated that he was born in Ardagh, Ireland.

Margaret Hanley

Margaret was noted as a sister of Thomas and was listed as a 22 year old single, female and her occupation was Maid. The rest of the items were the same as her brother except that she was 5ft. 7in. tall and was born in Glensharrold, Ireland.

Next I will describe Timothy's emigration. This will be interesting as he was apparently traveling with a Mary A. Fitzgerald.

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