Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aboard the Viking Helvetia

After quite a hunt for our boat we are finally in our cabin aboard the
Viking Helvetia. We got a taxi at our hotel and told her that we wanted
to go to the Viking river cruise boats. We also told her that we did
not know where these particular river boats were but we thought that
they were on either side of the central train station. Unfortunately
she did not know where it will be and she spoke very little English.
After back and forth (and I am not a very patient person, as my wife
will tell you!) we decided -against my better judgment - to go to the
Central Station. At the location where a number of the river cruise
boats were docked we came across another party in a taxi looking for the
Viking Spirit (a sister boat of ours). Unfortunately their taxi driver
did not know either (or speak very much English) but we met a stranger
who thought they may be on the other side of the Central Station. To
make a log story short, we found the Viking river boats.

The cabin that we have is nice and is about the size of the hotel room
we had last night, although the shower/bathroom is a bit small but that
is the case in even in large ocean-going cruise ships. In our cabin we
found a bottle of champaign courtesy of our neighbor and travel agent,
Lin. That's the way to start off.

The boat stays at the pier tonight and we will take a tour or two
tomorrow and leave Amsterdam about 1:00 PM.

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