Monday, August 03, 2009

Isafjordur, Iceland

Yesterday was a day at sea after leaving Greenland. During the night we
continued to cross the Denmark Strait on our way to Iceland. We
continue to go further north so as a result the nights are not very
long. In fact, the sun probably did not set at all. We went to bed at
about midnight and the sun was still up. I woke up a couple of times
during the night and could see light outside.

Today we are in Isafjordur, Iceland, it is about 52 degrees, windy and
raining. Just a lovely day! We may or may not go off the ship if the
rain lets off. The town is not much of anything of a town as you can
see from the photo. Even if we do not make it off the ship today we
still have three more ports in Iceland. These three ports are on the
north side of the island and after those stops we will head for Scotland.

During the night the seas were very rough and because are cabin is
toward the the front of the ship every time the bow rises on a wave it
will crash down in the trough with a very load bang. Nancy is still
convinced that we hit something but I am trying to convince her that we
hit nothing but the sea.

The rest of the day is eating, bingo, casino and eating again. No
wonder people put on weight on a cruise. Horrors, one should ever miss
a meal (or even a snack) on board a cruise ship!

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Eileen said...

I'm getting a good geography lesson with this cruise. Thanks.