Thursday, August 06, 2009

Seydisfjordur, Iceland

In yesterday's post from Husavik I neglected to point out one unusual
thing (at least I thought it was unusual) that we encountered there and
that was mosquitoes. As we were walking back to the ship they drove us
nuts. This place has more mosquitoes in the summer than Florida does.

Today we are in Seydisfjordur located at the head of a 10.5 mile long
fjord of the same name. The town was established by Danish merchants in
the mid-19th century as a trading post. Today it is the site of a
somewhat busy port for ferries from Europe. As we were walking into
town all numbers of trucks, cars, campers, motorcycles and bicycles came
from a large ferry to had just arrived. Most looked like they were here
for camping and exploring. Even the motorcycles and bicyclists were
loaded down with gear and looked like they were to be here for a spell.

The scenery was wonderful and have attached only one photo because it
take so long to send. (All of the photos from this cruise and the river
cruise will be posted on my Flickr account when we eventually get
home.) When we walked to town it was very nice outside - about 56
degrees. Unfortunately after we were out for an hour or so it started to
sprinkle and that continued off and on. Not a hard rain so we kept at it.

We had coffee and pastry as we were out but no other shopping so as a
result we have 675 kronas (a little over $5) in change that we didn't
get rid of. We have 2000 kronas that we will be able to exchange but
banks and currency exchanges don't take coins. It looks like some of
the grandchildren will get some of the 'neat' coins.

After we leave Seydisfjordur we will head east across the Norwegian Sea
and tomorrow we will be at sea as we sail toward our next port,
Invergordan on the east coast of Scotland.

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