Thursday, December 24, 2009

Aboard the ms Amsterdam

We are now on board the ms Amsterdam for our two week cruise through the
Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale. Because this is a holiday cruise, the
ship is full and all cabins are occupied. We have a problem with mold
in the bathroom (the 'head' for you sailors) so the cabin steward gave
it a thorough cleaning. Let's hope that that takes care of the
problem. Otherwise we are screwed as there are no other cabins.
It is 6.15 PM [the colon key on the keyboard is dead, hence the period
in the time rather than a colon] and after a shower we will head for a
Martini before dinner. We have requested fixed late seating at 8.00 PM
and a fixed table rather than the "as you please" dining. That
requires that you call every day and make a reservation or just go to
the dining room and wait in line. I don't like to wait in line for
That's it for now.

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