Thursday, December 31, 2009

Antigua, Guatemala

Yesterday we were in the port of Que_____ in Guatemala. The port itself
is for the most part a commercial/industrial area so we took a bus to
the city of Antigua. This was about a one hour and a half drive but the
drive there was pleasant. We had been to Antigua in a previous Panama
Canal cruise but we went there anyhow. We visited the two large
churches and also meandered through the narrow streets and the plazas.
On the way to Antigua there is a volcano that is somewhat active. As we
passed from the top of the volcano we could see either small clouds or
steam/smoke from the crater. Hard to tell which it was.
Today we had a Mariner reception for cruisers who had 100s of days on
Holland American cruise ships. We talked to a couple from Wyoming who
are on their seventh World Cruises. The World Cruises usually last 110
to 120 days in length. One of these days we'll take one of those suckers!
Just before sitting down to write this post there was an announcement
from the bridge that a large school of dolphins were along side the
ship. I ran to the outside deck to take some pictures but by the time I
got there they were nowhere to be seen. Maybe next time!
Tonight is New Year's Eve so festivities aboard the ship. Should be fun.

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