Monday, December 28, 2009

Huatulco, Mexico

Today we are in Huatulco, Mexico and the weather is beautiful - the Sun
is shining and the temperature is in the 80s. This is another Mexican
town that its main industry is tourism. The m/s Amsterdam is not the
only ship in port as a Amazura ship is tied up right next to us. In
fact, when my notebook attempted to connect to a wifi port it chose to
try to connect to the Amazura wifi system as it was a stronger system
than that of the Amsterdam. Of course, I don't have an account on the
Amazura ship so I could connect to it but do nothing else.
Earlier Nancy and I walked off the ship to the small town and looked
around but not for long. Back on the ship was much pleasanter was
reading and relaxing. Right now we are heading up for an ice cream cone
and I'll finish this there.
Well, we finished the ice cream and we are just looking down on the
boats in the bay. As I noted it is very warm and up here by the pool it
seems like it is the 90s. Maybe not but it is very warm. Bingo starts
in about an hour - the high point of the day. Let's see what happens today!

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