Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Puerto Chiapas

Today we are in the port of Chiapas and it is another beautiful day in
Mexico. This morning we stayed on the ship and in the afternoon we took
a bus to an archaeological site at Izapa. The tour guide for this
outing is also an attorney so if any of our family needs a fall-back
profession they can start tour guiding. (ATTENTION - Julie and Bill!)
The archaeological site is not that large but there are others in the
same general area. The site is believed to be a part of the Olmec
civilization and before the Aztecs and Mayas.
After the archaeological site we traveled to the city of Tapachula, a
city of over 250,000 people. There we visited the archaeological museum
which holds a number of steles, pottery, etc. some of which from Izapa.
In Tapachula we also visited the Church of St. Augustine, the Culture
Center and the City Hall. I could not ask why the city hall was so
quiet and then realized that this was a holiday week. Even though it is
December, it seems like Summer.
We missed Bingo and will probably miss it tomorrow. As a result, we
have to make up for that in the Casino. (Yeah, lots of luck!) Because
we are not leaving the port until 7.00 PM the Casino will not open until
then. We'll just go to one of the bars and wait for the Casino to open!

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