Monday, January 04, 2010

Cartagena - Part Two

Apparently the low-frequency noise blasters on the deck yesterday worked the trick.  Not a single pirate approached the m/s Amsterdam.  Good job, mates!

We spent most of the day yesterday (in addition to keeping a close watch on pirates) we took a four your tour of the city of Cartegena.  We started by troopsing up a mount to probably the highest point in the city to the La Popa Monestary.  Pictures from there and other sites will be posted on my Flickr site when we get back home on Wednesdat.  From the monestary we traveled to the San Felipe Fortress where the photo above was taken.  It is a huge place with myriad of tunnels and secret places.

From the fortress we traveled to the city's old dungeons.  These were incorporated in the city's wall.  No longer the dungeons they are a series of craft shops.  From there we visited to the Church of San Pedro Clavel where the remains of Peter Clavel, a 17th or 18th century Spanish monk, is in a glass coffin in the high altar.

After visiting these sites we had the mandatory shopping period at a shopping plaza.  Big deal!

Today is a very laid back day.  Not very much going on with the exception of two (count them two) Bingo sessions.  Maybe today is the big day!

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