Tuesday, January 05, 2010

On the Way Home

Today is the last day of the cruise from Los Angeles through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale.  We expect to arrive in Port Everglades at approximately 8:00 AM.  One thing that I am looking forward to is the cold.  The weather forecast calls for an overnight low of 38 degree.  This means it will be cold in the morning.

Today we played two sessions of Bingo; one in the morning for a cruise in the Caribbean and the other big jackpot game in the afternoon.  The jackpot game was for $4831 - a nice piece of change.  Unfortunately, we did not come even close on either game.  Maybe we'll be luckier on out May cruise to Amsterdam.

We did pretty good in the Casino last night.  We came away winning $157!  Not as much as we lost overall but not bad.  That's it for now.

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