Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hazel's Sweet Shop (a/k/a Mike's)

On Genesee Street in Rochester and right across the street from West High School was a soda shop.  Even the name on the fron of the building was Hazel's Sweet Shop, everybody called it Mike's.  In that same block was (moving south from Hawley Street) was Connor's Drug Store, Red & White Food Store, Decker's Card Shop, a Dry Cleaner Shop and Mikes. Looking at the 1929/1930 City Directory I find: Ballagh, John, druggist (probably preceded Connor's); Flickinger Stores, Inc., grocers (when I worked at the Red & White Flickinger delivered the goods for the store); Spector, Charles, tailor (probably preceded the dry clean shop); Poulis, Michael, confectionery.

So, after all these years I finally know Mike's last name.  On page 1205 of the same City Directory is listed the following:

Poulis, Michael (Hazel), confectionery, 488 Genesee, h[ouse] 352 do

So Mike and Hazel lives just up the street on Genesee St.  In addition, Mike probably had a brother named George (with a wife Helen) that also had a sweet shop on Monroe Ave.  It is amazing what you can find from old City Directories!

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