Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Cruise

While at sea there is plenty of time to do just about anything . . .
including booking another cruise. This afternoon we had some time to
kill so we booked a 33 day cruise on Holland American's Amsterdam next
March. The cruise is a leg of a World Cruise that is for 110 days but
we booked only the last leg of that cruise from Dubai to Fort
Lauderdale. In addition to United Arab Emirates (Dubai) it stops at
three additional ports in countries that we have never been to. These
are Oman, Jordan and Egypt. From Jordan to Egypt we sail up the Suez
Canal so that should be new and interesting. The other ports are ones
that we have been to before in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and a
couple of those islands in the Atlantic.

This evening we will be attending a cocktail party hosted by the Captain
and the Hotel Manager. Following that we will be having dinner in the
Pinnacle Grill, the specialty restaurant on board the Prinsendam.
Earlier in the day we had our standard Bingo session and we are still
winless in the Bingo category. We do have another two and a half weeks
so maybe we can make up our losses by a big win! Yeah, sure!


Eileen said...

Good for you guys! You don't want to leave any of that money to your kids.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree 100% with Eileen...ha ha ha, but I am so excited for you and Mom. Give her a big hug from me. The only comment of yours I don't understand is about the dining room on the first day. You said "the buffet on the Lido deck would have been quicker". My ?...what was the hurry? You've got days before you have to be anywhere. Ha ha. What excursions do you have planned. XO XO Roberta

Anonymous said...

Next Cruise sounds awesome!Need someone to carry your bags?